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Welcome to the True Church of Jesus Christ (part 5)

Welcome to the True Church of Jesus Christ (part 5)

5:1. On Monday afternoon (4/11/13), I took the left-over bread from Sunday's Communion. I ground it down in the blender and bagged it. I took it for a walk with me and Grace (our dog). Mount Zion was our destination (within Milngavie Golf course). I took each handful of bread and spread it over the top of Zion. I spoke my important prayers out loud. I was laughing heartily as our dog tried to hoover up the bread. It was a beautiful clear day and only spoilt by the presence of SAHT sitting in their cars. Bear in mind that the masonic psychological terrorism has recently dropped to around 10% from it's peak 5 years ago. This confirms that they can read and know that they have been used (conned). Hear me, this is my second last "Spread of the living bread".   

5:2. About 5 years ago I was taking intense spiritual and psychological persecution from satan himself. During another demonic attack (which I didn't fully understand), Satan and his Tempted (SAHT) somehow managed to use my neighbour's stereo (in their kitchen) to play two John Lennon songs. The first one was Happy Christmas (War is over) and the second one was "Don't wanna be a soldier mama, I don't wanna die". I used to own these albums/songs. Bear in mind that I was almost down and out after taking dozens of hits from Satan and his Tempted (SAHT). Unfortunately I cannot prove the super-natural and it could not have been human. How would SAHT know what was happening during the demonic attack?. How would they play just those two songs at that exact time (around midnight)?. These neighbours do not socialise, never mind playing music of any kind. I knew all of this was super-natural and I had not read the Bible at this time. The message from the attack was clear, satan/luci knew my predicament and he was goading me. I have had a human lifetime of these psychological cowardly attacks, more later.

I will show you how this "Gormless Geek" (aka satan/lucifer) persecutes God's children. It is invisible, it can possess, control and manipulate humans and situations. God (Our Father) was also teaching (moulding) me to who my long term adversary was. How could a lowly-uneducated human like me fight this perceived powerful, slithering, unrelenting evil?. I have always known that I was different but how could I fight this crafty, invisible gutter-snipe?. How could I fight this coward who can read my thoughts?. This freak even knows my next move. The good thing is that he/she (it) can see the future (and its demise). This is why I have taken all the hits. This is why gay satan always stabs me from behind the curtains (as do all possessed masons). It (satan/luci) also takes the role of male or female (more later). He/she (it) is a master of conning the gullible, ignorant and selfish humans who want it all (material wealth). It lets me know when it is angry, especially when I write for God's children (smile). 

5:3. On Tues 1/10/13 my real brother James (who's nickname is JC) picked me up to go and advise him how to plumb in his son's washing machine. We drove to the flat (in Govan) to see what we needed. We went to the local Heat Spares for a washing machine valve. They didn't have one (Heating parts only) but the guy recommended a local Domestic Repairs shop. We tried it without success but this guy recommended JEWSONS (Builders Merchants in Govan, Glasgow). As we drove in, I received an intuitive - spiritual message as soon as I looked at their big JEWSON's advertising board. I knew instantly it was about Jesus and that the message was somehow connected to being Jewish, but how?. I no longer question God the Father. I said nothing about this to my non-believing brother. I get these frequent intuitive messages in parts or some sort of link to other divine events at Kirk Sermons and Bible Studies.

I told you about the electrical anomalies that happen to me wherever I go. The young woman on the till at JEWSONS really struggled to get her computerised system to take the payment for the W/M valve. She was getting angry and after a few minutes, it started working again. The time on the invoice was exactly 13:33. I get this all the time with references to 33 or 119, more later. 

Anyway, I walked and talked with God for an answer about the Jewson message. Here is the answer, Jesus was Jewish then, just as Jesus is Jewish today. Jesus will always be Jewish (eternally), regardless of what the pharisee masons (false Jews) say. God made Jesus and God made you. I do not know of any Jewish ancestry in our family. I was born in the Jewish populated Gorbals area of Glasgow in 1955.

5:4. Did you know the satanic mormons, the satanic jehovah's witnesses and the bizarre cult of scientology (all started by the satanic freemasons) intensely brainwashed most of Scotland's working class. Ditto the UK and world wide, but know that Scotland is the spiritual home of satan/freemasonry. This intensity started just after the 2nd World War. These deranged Cults (designed by the criminal elite) are still using Mind Control (MC) and MK-Ultra today. I can show you this happening in real time (about 300 yds from our house).  

They are not interested in mature adults, they want teenagers and especially your kids before they are 8 years old. You would never notice that your children are slowly trained (layer upon layer of MC) to hate you. Their handlers will get them to destroy the normal life that you and they once knew. I can show you this happening in real time. The criminal elite are terrified that you find out the Truth. You are complicit in your own downfall because of your inaction and/or you might miss your next stupid TV programme (soaps or sports) that THEY designed for you. Are there any Christian Soldiers out there (second request)?. 

5:5. On Monday morning (Armistice Day) at exactly the 11th hour and the 11th day of the 11th month (11+11+11 = 33), I was strongly compelled to play my Jesus Christ Superstar CD/album. SAHT would have been unhappy. They watch and listen closely to my every move, they have done since 27/2/1955. I played this message for all of those who were taken in the name of Jesus Christ. Message to the skeptics and dinosaurs. Go to google and type in "The truth about the USS Liberty". Also read about false jew Henry Kissinger saying that soldiers are just pawns. When will "YOU" educate yourself ? the Internet is a gift from God. It hurts me to hear the online Pastors repeat satan's news that nelson mandela was a hero. Type into Yahoo "The truth about nelson mandela". Remove your programmed blinkers. God loves you, satan cons you. 

5:6. On this same Monday (11/11/13), in the afternoon, I took the left-over bread from Sunday's Communion and ground it down in the blender. I then took it to the place of the dead (the New Kilkpatrick cemetery) and spread it all over the graves and the remains of the Roman Road. I had previously done this (last month) at another place of the dead within the New Kilpatrick Parish Boundary. I said my prayers aloud, knowing that my smartphone is always listening and recording via GCHQ (and NSA)..... The criminal elite love power over you, they have recorded and profiled everyone since WW2. Anyway, this part of God's plan is complete, I do not need any more bread.

5:7. Remember that an eastern star freemason is as loyal to satan/luci as you are to God. The word freemason makes you cringe. You refuse to see them or how they operate in front of you. They even show you that they tackle the bad guys (Criminals) on their TV. Still nobody mentions the real crooks, the freemasons themselves. They sneakily thrive on the abuse of your trust. I have to write, move and speak in a way that forces them to play their evil cards. I should not have told them that (hmm). I am quietly amused at their confidence and cockiness (ignorance). God will soon show you the colour drain from their faces. 

5:8. If only you knew how dumb satan/luci really is. If I had known I was dealing with a Donkey, I would have brought some carrots. I told you he has no power, only stupid human pilots who try to cast his ineffective childish curses of "prince of the power of the air". Woe to the masonic pilots who have tried to cast satanic curses on good people, reap what you have sown. Yes, I wrote this a month ago via the Spirit. God the Father knows this to be true. I do not have to prove nothing to the mockers behind the curtains, their destiny is sealed. They have judged themselves. The criminal elite get to count their money made from death, they fund both sides in every one of their wars. 

I know ye want it all on a plate today, I have told you to have patience, much has to happen. Time is on God's side. Trust in God and in God alone. God is unruly.     

5:9. I heard satan/luci's favourite song..... "Sing if your glad to be gay". What a vile, disgusting, un-natural practice luci brought unto this Earth. Very, very soon there will be nothing un-natural. No, do not stand up for the queen of crooks, stand up for Jesus. Hear me now, these fraudsters are not connected to Jesus Christ in any shape, form or pseudo bloodline. They are all masonic/false jew con artists. They call themselves the illuminati but I tell ye the truth, these false jews are "the illusionists". They will not change their false god worship of gay satan-luci-money-tickly bit-drugs high low-destroy-promote-self-uniform-power-abuse, etc. You vote for these creeps to have power over you. Vote (pray) for me. I will work for nothing but God and you. I do not want a penny. 

5:10. My closest Family in the Kirk are most of those who were present on the 14th August 2011 (33) and of course every genuine Christian and righteous person world-wide. I will never leave you, although I may have to sit elsewhere. The battle is spiritual and physical (SAHT). I will deal with the physical (in the flesh) and up above will deal with down below (Hades). From today, I have made each of you one of God's Police, improvise and fight satan within God's Kirk in every nation. Life is your test and your ticket to eternal life. We are all just passing the time till Father's Sign, tick tock tick. I have foretold you that change is imminent.

5:11. I previously told you that God's colour is Blue. I told you that Satan and his Tempted (SAHT) have stolen and reversed everything from the Beautiful Bible. The primary colour of satanic freemasonry is Blue (research the Blue Degrees). So where did this reminder/message come from?. I took my real brother James (who's nickname is JC) to a new local Vet (October 2013). As we took his 2 small dogs into the Vet, a woman had her little dog running about the reception. She kept calling it "Stirling" and we had a laugh and a chat about Stirling being our surname. The woman left. We went into see the Vet and mentioned the coincidence? about Stirling and the female Vet said the little dog's full name was "Stirling Blue". I tell ye the truth, God's colour is Blue, Stirling Blue (smile).

5:12. Yes, satan/luci can read my thoughts and knows I would die every 3 days for Father. However, his tempted know nothing. They have forever studied, analysed and profiled my every word and movement since 1955. Here is a message for them as they desperately search for clues on what happens next, they should read Psalm 2 and especially the NIV version. The Holy Spirit compels me to warn them.

5:13. Reminder to God's Kirk. I do not want a penny, nor fame, nor a circus. I can leave as quickly as I came to you. Love Jesus as he loves you. I give you my promise that I will never lead you astray. Be aware that as the Holy Spirit writes for you, He toys with SAHT. Father helps me to reel them in. This double talk is to manipulate them who think they are in control. My role is the same as Elijah's challenge, to prove that satan/luci/baal has no power. My role is to save those conned by their own ignorance, however, a rabid dog protecting a poisoned bone (satan/luci/self) is a rabid dog. They shall be no more (fact). With great authority I can tell you that not one member of satan's secret societies will rise above unless ye repent. God always gives you a chance. My sceptre is being wrought.

5:14. On Monday afternoon (11/11/13), I took the left-over bread from Sunday's Communion and ground it down in the blender. I then took it to the place of the dead (the New Kilpatrick cemetery) and spread it all over the graves. I also spread some over the remains of the Roman Road (they shall see). I had previously done this (last month) at another place of the dead within the New Kilpatrick Parish boundary. I have no further need of the left-over bread since this date.  

5:15. Why Millguy (Milngavie) I hear you cry?. I told you that God communicates by numbers. This is why SAHT have stolen and reversed God's numbers to try to further satan's plan (to exalt himself). I shall teach you. Research the "New Kilpatrick Parish Boundary". Milngavie and Bearsden are both within the New Kilpatrick (Ki = 119 Psalm) Parish Boundary (NKPB). Milngavie also sits on the foot of the Kilpatrick hills and the rainwater flows through and under Milngavie and Bearsden. 

I previously told you about "The Scottish Mountain of God" whose rainwater flows into Glen Finglas (Finger/God's) and then into Loch Katrine (Ki = 119), then through two tunnels (for 26 miles) to Mugdock Reservoir within the NKPB. I told you about my favourite fishing spot at Mugdock (it still has the pseudo security fence, wonder why?). I told you about my super-natural crimson bench incident with satan at Mugdock. I told you about Mount Zion which is within the NKPB and is less than two miles from our home. I told you about the purple-blue dove incident at Craigallion Loch (means beautiful rock). The Romans have been in the New Kilpatrick Parish Boundary. You can clearly see the remains of the Roman Road within the NK Cemetery (check online). 

Hear me, the Water Works within the NK Parish boundary will be the New Eden, minus talking serpents. If you reject me, I will go across the water and start again. When you fight for God, you can never lie down. I am still not angry, I have no control over God the Father's Wrath. No, I do not see everything, only what the Spirit shows me. I tell you this as perhaps God knew (or planned) something was going to change (bad seeds). It is difficult to teach the blind who think they can see (traditions of men).

5:16. There is only one visible and super-natural obstacle, SAHT. The criminal elite and their satanic-masonic police, military and politicians. Not all are bad but almost all are ignorant. You are standing in the middle of the track with your back to the fast oncoming train. SAHT have covered your ears. Why don't you look behind you? Why do you trust the false jew media without question?. You just don't get it, do you?, SAHT hate anything good. Christianity and anything good is a threat to them and their power over you. This is satan-luci's plan, to destroy the Truth (Jesus) and build his own temple of satanic shit. I make no apology for my derogatory choice of words. I will not wrap you up in cotton wool, I will teach you Truth.

It is getting harder to write for you as SAHT have all the money and puppets. I only have the basics but they are getting old and full of viruses so I don't know how much longer I can communicate with you. In the flesh and as I approach 60 years of age, I am making small repetitions and minor mistakes. It is hard fighting for the luci-lovers who want to finish me off. I am not phased as I trust in God with all my heart, mind and soul, regardless. I constantly take notes but I do not know what happens next. God sees what I see and write. The Holy Spirit compels me to teach you. I follow guidance as should you. Only a selfish person would selfishly deny that God exists or that God loves you. Listen to me closely, do not worry. 

Teach yourselves not to celebrate pagan holidays. Jesus was not born on Christmas day, this is the criminal-elite fabricated date when the false jews count the money. The Internet is a gift from God, find Truth, find Jesus. Stop hiding behind the fluffy church pews, they will not save you. Stand up for Jesus and be counted. Just a closer walk with thee.

Love, peace and FR33DOM..... Joe Stirling Christie (17th Dec 2013).

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The True Church of Jesus Christ (part one).

The True Church of Jesus Christ (part one).

Founded on Easter Monday 2013. 

1:1 Dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Do not care what unbelievers think. If the brilliant Pastor Jim Graham (Goldhill Baptist Church near London) can openly admit to speaking with God, so can I and so can you. Whenever you feel spiritually compelled to do something, ignore the mockers. I can guarantee it was guidance by the Holy Spirit. Everything is designed by God the Father (YHWH) and will lead to something you did not expect. Never react negatively, give it at least seven days debate with God before you decide. I will revise some of my previous online posts to teach you further. 

1:2 After receiving two messages at a recent prayer meeting, I decided to write a letter and pass it on. Now I know how Job felt as I was uncomfortable (in the desert for a few days). I could see the scoffers during the week. I am not a very good swimmer and God the Father always throws me in at the deep end. God Yahweh says "Swim, Joseph..... Swim" and with divine help, I get to the other side. Here are the messages..... I thought I needed an actual church building (see 1:1 above) to build The True Church of Jesus Christ. No, I do not need a building for I Am The True Church. I will build my church..... There was also the added bonus of being guided to St. Paul's Church for Easter Sunday. This beautiful Church interior is in the shape of a large Cross. 

1:3 The parable of the rabid dogs. God the Father loves us all but He has a serious problem. Hiding behind closed doors are some rabid dogs who will attack anyone who tries to touch their poisoned bone. God has tried to pat them on the head to explain that the bone is no good. God has told them that the poisoned bone will destroy them. God has warned them that if they don't let go, they will be totally wiped out. Very soon, nobody will even know that they (or their loved ones) ever existed on this Earth. God will no longer allow these rabid dogs to teach their young how to smile as they destroy..... 

The rabid dogs are the pharisee masons and the poisoned bone is their false god satan. God is slow to anger and I know His hour is fast approaching. Who else could have told you about satan's reversal of Psalm 119? (YHWH's Word/Law). All good and bad people should read the book of Daniel chapter 12. This timely/potent message was preached and received in St Paul's church last night (31st March 2013). The day before, the same man of the cloth read Psalm 56 which I found very comforting and an answer to my plea. I suffer intense persecution and masonic theatre during Easter (all documented over the years). 

1:4 Do not fear Satan and his Tempted (SAHT) or their occultic use of number-curses. All numbers belong to God YHWH (pronounced Yahweh by humans). 

1:5 Some of you prefer the name Jehovah but that name is only 500 years old. Stop defending without researching. God gave you the internet, use the knowledge provided. 

1:6 Are there any Christian Soldiers out there?. Satan fully intends to do what he says on the tin "Destroy Christianity". The Lion cannot lay with the Lamb until all is completed. Surely you don't expect reward without commitment?. Yes, there will be Angels. Put on your armour. 

1:7 Worship is very important but Prayer Time within the Church is the ultimate connection to God the Father. You don't even have to say a prayer, just meditate, concentrate and listen. The Holy Spirit will guide and answer you. If you do not connect, then try again until you do. If you say a prayer, don't try to be perfect and impress others. Even if the words come out wrong, the others will know exactly what you meant to say. Only speak when you feel compelled to speak. Remember there are pretend Christians in every Church, don't worry about their chosen path. 

1:8 If you wish to communicate then continue with handing me your written letters or requests. Do not ask me to debate openly or catch me cold as the pharisee masons do. I shall constantly pray for healing. 

1:9 I have stated I do not know the Hour. I can only follow guidance as should you. I will work on part 2 for you. I will try to simplify my super-natural divine journey as we worship our God on the Throne. Stay on the narrow path. Please forward this online message (8th April 2013) to all Christians and truth-seekers world wide. Love, peace and FR33DOM..... Joseph Christie.
Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119 Yahweh's Word/Law (YHWH)

Latest news from Jesus (JC2)

The True Church of Jesus Christ (part two)

16th April 2013

2:1 Psalm 119 (God Yahweh's Word/Law). This is all about God's design and plan. I will teach that God always keeps His promise to you. This is all about Joseph Christie (me as a human) and the anti-Christ (slithering satan). This is all about lucifer being invoked by the wealthy satanic pedophile and gay army. In part one, I have told you about how Satan and his Tempted (SAHT) have reversed everything from the Beautiful Bible. 

2:2 You already know that the great deceiver satan wants to try to exalt himself (above what the Elephant left behind). Satan (aka lucifer) has been working hard to con his believers that Psalm 119 is actually satan's word/law (and Shrek says "Hey Donkey"). SAHT revere the numbers 11, 13, 27, 33, 39, 111, 119. Search the satanic manipulated BBC tv and Hollywood movies and see how they use these numbers). SAHT also use these numbers to persecute the innocent, and unsuspecting people who are not members (see headless chickens below). The satanic elite thrive on your trust and ignorance. Do not fret, for true believers know that God the Father has a plan.

2:3 Study the numbers 119/911/191. It is important that you understand how SAHT use letters and numbers. It is not just the name or word that's important, they MUST get the letter-number-code in. Start with the letters Ki =11/9=119 or ik = 9/11. Research the home of satan and his masonic soldiers at the Kilwinning (Ki = 119) Mother Lodge at Ayrshire (Ayr = Air = prince of the) in Scotland. Go to LJPR.INFO and search Kilwinning. Also search for "Occultic Dr Who" and his stupid K9 dog (11/9). The masonic lucifer-lovers will own or have previously owned a Porsche 911. Yes, the twin towers was a satanic sacrifice on 911. I previously told you all emergency services are satanic, call 911. The Space Program in 2011 was 191 billion. The Queen's budget was £119 million. Research online "Prince of the Air" (satan). 

2:4 Last year in Glasgow, we went to see our son's body in the city morgue (murdered by SAHT) and when we came out, there was a Breakdown truck parked outside with a large bright painted "911" on it. The same company has a phone number ending in 1919 (119). This is how SAHT work, it's a masonic signature and they love to tell you they done it. The truck drove of as we got into our car. Much more later.

2:5 Don't forget SAHT will invert the 9 to 6 so that 611/116/161 still means "119" to them. It is common knowledge online that the satanic freemasons use the King (Ki = 119) James Bible (the 1611 version). There is a recent Business phone number change in Glasgow and they are all 0141 611 0000. Why would SAHT choose 611? (answer = 911). This is the same satanic manipulation of "Emergency, Call 911". Look through your local newspaper adverts or latest phone book for more information. Search online for "The  Christ Messenger" (in 24 parts) by Joseph Stirling Christie, or ask me for a CD copy.

2:6 Now take on board the letters SK = 19/11=119. The freemasons wear SKipcaps (Basball caps) to recognise each other and show their affection/loyalty of lucifer. The evil mason Greg Lance Watkins (ki) and his website SK-H119 tried hard to destroy the "Hollie Greig" masonic terrorism, rape and murder story. If you want to know how sick the satanic masons are, then you must read the true story about Hollie Greig and Robert Green. More 119 later. 

2:7 I was born on 27/2/1955 (see number 27) at 27 Waddell Street in the Rutherglen (RU/39) District of Glasgow. One year later 1956 (19/11) moved to Castlemilk (letters ik = 9/11) in Glasgow. In 1959 my father dies of pneumonia. Years later, my mother remarried and I became Joseph Christie. In May 1965 (19/11) we moved to 6 Hopehill (Hope) Road in Maryhill (Joseph and Mary) Glasgow. In 1971 when I was a 16 year old, I had a extremely evil experience on an Ouija Board. I was told that my partner-wife to be was a young woman called Kim (Ki = 11/9). Four years after the Ouija session (Autumn 1975), I moved to our John's flat at 332 The Broadway, West Hendon, London. On Christmas day 1975, a friend brought Kim to a party at John's flat. We are still together in our 38th year. Remember the 33 in 332 and that our John's landlord was an Italian. Remain focused, this true story-journey is all about Bible Prophesy.

2:8 Before I left Glasgow for London, SAHT tried very, very hard to pair me off with girlfriends Ms F. MaGrail (Grail) and then a Ms Marie Maginty (Mari Magdalen). Both turned out to be mind-controlled Eastern Star Masons (ESMs). None of us knew about YHWH's plan.  

2:9 On reflection about the 1971 Ouija session. I was laughing and sarcastic and paid a satanic test/curse for forty years. On Sunday the 1st May 2011, I did not know this was an important occultic-satanic-beltane date. I was compelled to walk into a local church to worship and pray.

2:10 Parable of the Headless Chicken. Our species is inherently selfish and we fully intend to help satan destroy God's creation. The only purpose of the Satanic Secret Societies is to protect and preserve the criminal elite families. They give you the crumbs off their table and you are happy with that. You will even have another person persecuted as long as you get what YOU want. 

The Headless Chicken is YOU. The Chicken's body will run about banging into things until it is dead. It cannot think because it does not have a head, yet you fully understand what I tell you. The evidence and social engineering by the satanic elite is all over the Internet ( Headless Chickens are born tax-generators to the satanic elite. The corrupt Government, Police and Military all belong to SAHT and the Headless Chickens pay their wages. Remember Dumb and Dumber?. I can tell you God the Father is not interested in seekers of self preservation. Some Headless Chickens will continue to be, they can be found in positions of power (masons).

2:11 The Key to everything is Jesus Christ, seek Him, worship Him, pray with Him, let Him into your life and He will introduce you to God the Father. There is no other way, period. God knows your every thought and action, do nothing and you will receive nothing. 

2:12 SAHT own everything you see and hear and you believe them without question. The old news reporter rang his bell shouting "Hear ye - Hear ye" and tells you what the criminal elite want you to believe and repeat. Nothing has changed. Do not waste your time praying for perceived good people on satan's media. Pick up a copy of God's media, the Beautiful Bible. Your whole life story is in there, God is waiting. Your next decision will tell YOU if you want God or satan.

2:13 Here are your options..... SAHT are working flat out to block the precious gift from God and that is YOUR spirituality. God is sifting the wheat from the chaff, eternal life can be yours. This is your Last Chance to repent before the Fall (of satan). Brothers and sisters in Christ and those of Righteousness, stand firm during the tribulation, fear nothing and know that I Am here with you.

2:14 Around 1988 I was hired to look after the musical instruments on stage at the Dominion Theatre in Tottenham Court Road, London. This was a prince Charles charity gig. I shook hands with the Beatles producer George Martin, the whole thing was surreal. I was chatting with Phil Collins (of the band Genesis) and Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin) we had a beer. A fellow Scot Midge Ure was there. Also Ian Anderson (of Jethro Tull) and pop icon Kate Bush who said she loved my Scottish accent. Kate Bush recently received a royal trinket..... 

The penny did not drop for me at that time. These people had all sold their souls, this was Masonic Theatre, they knew I was special but I did not..... (I do now). Never worship idols. How do you explain that you are living a super-natural life?, how do you prove it?. Ye shall have the sign in Father's time. I know that God the Father was in control and that SAHT thought they were..... 

Here is the divine message. Phil Collins was the book of Genesis. Moses was born in UR (Midge Ure). Moses and Jethro. The Burning Bush (Kate). Me and Robert Plant both knew and spoke about my pretend - friend - FM perp Tony Dangerfield. Robert Plant later wrote a song about satan's reversal of Psalm 29. This was all part of God's plan, it was all to teach me to teach you. I know God Yahweh is in control (not the criminal elite or con-man satan), there is nothing I want other than to serve God the Father. Warning, SAHT are constantly trying to steal your soul, they will tempt you every day in every way. I am living proof that God is on His Throne. I know who I Am and I know I will soon have Dominion to the glory of God the Father.

2:15 I took the leftover bread from Sunday's communion and I fed the fish with it. I prayed for you and yours wherever you are. Love,peace and FR33DOM..... Joseph Christie.

Go back to part one of The True Church of Jesus Christ and read about Lu = lucifer. Now research online "Occultic Lucis Trust" ditto "George Lucas". Did you know St George's Day is on the 23rd April and that he is the patron saint of criminal freemasonry. Help others by passing this on.

Latest news from Jesus (JC3)

Jesus/Joseph "V" Satan/Lucifer

3:1. Here is another huge secret that SAHT do not want you to know..... Lucifer is "V" (fact).
The V is for Venus and Venus is Lucifer. You can research this truth all over the Internet.
I told you about the big letter V on military vehicles, it hypnotises (cons) the gullible. The letter V (lucifer) is all about death. The letter V is the 22nd letter of the English alphabet. We still don't know if our Son was murdered at the river or in his flat, he lived at number 22. Understand that the masons are expert at sacrifice, skits, and theatre, it's satan's police and it's satan's media. Do not be afraid, all righteous people have God Yahweh on their side. 

3:2. This is a war between "Jesus the Second" and "Satan the Turd" (all humour & derogatory is intentional). It is being fought right here in Satan's chosen land (Scotland-Saton). Never forget that Satan and his Tempted (SAHT) always play with words (used as code and to twist and confuse). It is important that your remember that Satan is also called Lucifer by SAHT (aka freemasons). I told you that Satan is known as "Prince of the Air" (hot air = flatulence). Satan/lucifer a is real 100% coward, he uses weak selfish humans to do his dirty work. Dear satan, as a human, I will seek (Hound of Heaven) you and I will destroy you and yours. I still have a vice-like grip, ye are mine in God's time.

3:3. The Mormon-Masons teach that Jesus and satan were brothers. This Cult also teach that satan was really wronged by Jesus. Is this why the Mormon-Masons dehumanise and teach their people to gang-stalk and psychologically terrorise chosen targets (fact). The Mormon-Masons and Jehovah-Masons totally brain-washed most of Scotland from the 1950's and still at it today. They stole the minds of my 7 brothers and sister and turned them all into mind-controlled performing puppets. The sad thing is that they are forced to get their children to join. Research online how both Cults were started by the Freemasons (whose god is lucifer). These scamsters, the Mormons and Jehovahs have their own altered versions of the Bible. I do not hate them, only their ignorance. Any debate can all be done live on camera, not behind closed doors. 

3:4. Please don't be too harsh on low level (conned) members. The Etonian Elite are the most educated, crafty, sick, selfish, satanic, slimy things ever to walk this "Green and pleasant Land" (change to "Dark and Satanic Land"). Go to Wikipedia and "Paradise Lost". Yes, read how the Criminal Elite fully intend to use the Blake and Milton poems and turn prince will-i-am into a fabricated Jesus. Do you think it was coincidence that my Son (murdered by SAHT) was born on the 29th April and the manipulated prince was married on the same date?. The 29th April is the 119th day of the year. I told you SAHT are trying to reverse Psalm 119 into satan's word/law. The 29th April is also 29/4 = 33. Jesus loves YOU, this I know. The EG for "The True Church of Jesus Christ" = 330 = 33 (smile). Turn off satan's noise and find the real you, find the One and only true Jesus.

3:5. Parable of the Bride of Christ. 
In 1970/71, I shared a flat in the old tenement at 26 Kirkland St, Maryhill, Glasgow. Kirk (Ki=119) means Church. I have a real brother whose lifetime nickname is JC (J Christie). He moved to Kirkland St with his first wife. There was a family called Brydon in Kirkland St, my older sister married a Mr Brydon. They had 5 kids, so that name is a big part of my life. Two of them came to the Church for our Son's funeral service. My brother JC separated from his first wife and moved away from Kirkland St. About 25 years ago he re-married and returned to live in Kirkland Street, JC still lives there today (2013). There is much more. I was just a teenager back in 1971 and although my life was super-natural, I still did not know about our God Yahweh (praise be).

The message is that God the Father still has JC (Jesus) in the Kirk (Bryd/Bride of Christ). So now you see how God Yahweh designs everything. Never forget the letters Ki = 119 (Psalm 119 = God's Word/Law). SAHT will again try to change God's plan as soon as they read this (resistance to God Yahweh is futile). SAHT will not accept that Lucy has no power, only boyfriends.  

3:6. You have been conned by satan if you only see with "Hollywood Eyes" i,e. tall, good looking, flash car/house/image, designer this n' that, Botox and useless jewellery. Read in the Beautiful Bible where God Yahweh is not interested in what you look like. God is only interested in the contents of your Heart.

3:7. SAHT (masons) think they know my thoughts but are 93 million miles away. SAHT constantly bug me with their childish psychological games but I enjoy making the controllers work harder. You seriously don't think I will depend on human justice, do you?. It just helps me to pass the time until the Hour. Woe to the main controllers (masonic puppet masters) for doing the work of satan. They do not have a hope in Gehenna for they refuse to repent. Jesus is here in the flesh, everything is meant to be. Tick tock tick....

3:8. Am I special? try finding our home address on Google's Street View (G62 7PQ number 93). You will notice it's all even numbers although I live on the odd number side. The numbers stop at around 70, so the top part of our road doesn't exist. Check it out quickly, SAHT will change it when they read this. They done the same when I wrote about the name-change of Hopehill Road.

3:9. I sing this song regularly "119 is all mine, all mine..... 119 is all mine". It is sang to the tune of "Fog on the Tyne". Psalm 119 is not just mine, Psalm 119 is God's gift to us all, read it, sing it (and smile for Jesus wins). Wherefore art thou Lucy? in bed again with elton johnnie? (sick).

3:10. Scotland is the world's HQ of criminal-satanic freemasonry. The glue that holds the masons together is its Police Force (fact). YOU pay the wages. Yes, there are some good cops but even they have to toe the line or the criminal masons will turn on them. Read Martin Short's book (Free online) called "The Brotherhood. You can also get a free online PDF book of William Gage's book "Win Win". He doesn't mention the word masons, but you will quickly join the dots yourself. W. Gage was going to release another book on the Freemasons, but it didn't happen?. If you are local, you can borrow one of my copies. Alternatively, go to the brilliant LJPR.INFO and click on their Latest News or search through their huge Archives. They use swearwords because they are passionate about the TRUTH. 

3:11.Trick or Treat. You can find SAHT living in small towns like Killearn (Ki=119). Their stolen Ki = 119 is very symbolic/hypnotic to them. It has over 90 millionaires and most want more, more, more of what satan has to offer. Most (not all) live there because SAHT feel safe in their pretend masonic brother and eastern star sisterhood (100% undiluted evil). They hypnotise each other with their false 119/lucifer/god beliefs. 

How did God the Father show me this?. About 6 years ago, I done some honest plumbing and drainage work for the Black Bull Hotel in Killearn. A good job done but they refused to pay. It was a masonic set up from the start. I took them to the small claims court and won my case. They still refused to pay. I also saw the tail end of their occultic Halloween and other parties? in that Hotel. I have had other Masonic Theatre set-up jobs in Killearn. SAHT also love the wealthy symbolic North Berwick (ik = 911). More later. I am not into hatred or revenge. I am compelled to teach what God the Father shows me.

3:12. This spiritual war is not in Megiddo, it's being fought right here in masonic infested Milngavie. You know about Satan as a wolf disguised as a sheep. In 1999, our family done a house exchange to 93 Ashburn Rd with a Mrs Woolfe and we found a large Sickle in the loft (grim reaper or Harvest?). I know that SAHT manipulated it as a curse but God the Father had other plans. Do you think it's by chance that God put me here at 93 Ashburn Road (93 + AS=1/19 + UR=39). This is all designed by God Yahweh and all part of "God's Divine Plan". Whatever happens next is meant to happen. I think nothing of unbelievers, why talk to a dead tree?.

3:13.Without me, ye are nothing and lost in satan's field. I can give, but will ye take?. Mark 8:36..... What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul.

3:14. Know your enemy. The Satanic Triune false god = Satan, his consort Asherah (various spellings) and the Wind of Moriah (The illuminati call themselves wind of moriah).

3:15. In my favourite Church, I became friends with an older sister in Christ. She has a Ki (= 119) in her name. The EG for her name is 144 (smile). This beautiful person has many disabilities and bound to her chair. Her bullet-proof Faith in Jesus is an example for all to see. She is surrounded by loving, caring Christian brothers and sisters. She has had a profound effect on me. and given me the strength to trust humans again. 

Welcome to "The True Church of Jesus Christ" (part 3 of 3) on Sat 11th May 2013. 

Know your enemy, search online for Sandra Barr False Flag, 4th August 2012, London Olympics. SAHT murdered the brilliant young researcher Rik Clay. For more hidden satanic-elite knowledge search online for "The RR" or later articles "The RR9". I do not agree with all of RR's articles but most of it is a real eye opener. To the Christian Soldiers, the next DVD is ready. To the righteous, I will never lead you astray. Love, peace and FR33DOM.....  Joseph Christie

Latest news from Jesus (22nd Nov 2013)

Latest news from Jesus (22nd Nov 2013)

I can give you Truth or do you prefer satan's lie?. I recently posted this truth online and to some Churches in the UK…..

Satan aka Pinocchio (the father of all lies).

4:1. Elijah walked into the Allander Evangelical Kirk. Elijah was a stranger who received a warm welcome. There was a man of God who was sent before Elijah. God has plans for this small Kirk, God is very happy with His children and gave Elijah a whole new family. God the Father has already sown the four mustard seeds which is the four elders. Remember your role, remain humble and focused, for God gives and can take away. Satan and His Tempted (SAHT) are aware and have installed a few snakes/destroyers (Lilith and her neighbours). Wear your spiritual armour and worry about nothing. Continue to do what you do best and follow guidance. The Holy Spirit fills the Kirk, the local Presence of God has become stronger. This is written for those that have ears. Also for those of you who refused to listen to why you are here. Life is your test.

4:2. I took the bread that was left over from Communion. I fed the fish. Now I feedeth the Ravens for the Ravens feedeth Elijah. Father still calls me Joseph. I tell ye the truth, you can only come to the Father through me. "What is truth?" Pilate asked. Here is your answer..... "I Am truth".

4:3. For the last 30 months, God has compelled me to rest on a Saturday. In the book of Genesis, God rested on the 7th day. I have read the arguments and I am not trying to change your ways. I take communion and worship with you every Sunday. I walk, talk, pray and worship seven days and seven nights every week. The 4th Commandment is important to me as is all of God's Law (Psalm 119). I want to be more Holy, but only in Father's Time (after the battle). I had to reach this mature age to see and experience everything. Rabid dogs have to be dealt with.

4:4. I was very spiritually inspired by Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. I don't know if it was the "Good defeats evil" or the 119 meaningful coincidence in my human life (Tolkien =Ki=119). A stranger gave me the book in 1973. I watched the movies when they eventually came out. You can see clearly how SAHT- Hollywood managed to glorify Sauron (satan again). I did not know that JRR Tolkien was a Christian and that he had completed a translation of the "Book of Jonah". This was in the Jerusalem Bible. Last year, we put a fishing rod and a copy of the Jerusalem Bible inside our son's coffin.

4:5. Dreams of Joseph. On 2/2/10, in the early hours I had these vivid dream/messages. I wrote Gd (yes, Gd and not God) is real and can take you anytime. Then another very vivid dream that I was paralysed under the water and was brought back. I could feel and relate to this event, but I do not know the time or place as yet. This was followed by another message, I wrote these notes "Rotherham was relevant". I searched long and hard for the Rotherham message without success. Then in Autumn 2012, I stumbled? online the "Emphasised Bible by Joseph Bryant Rotherham". Go to Amazon and read the positive reviews. You can also download Rotherham's Emphasised Bible for free online. I recommend this Bible to help with your study. I use several Bibles to help me to be where Father wants me to be. The money-lenders have always tampered with Truth (editing the Bible in favour of themselves). Death does not mean they have got off Scott free. None of ye can escape judgement. Even those that pierced Him shall see Him.

4:6. I recently felt the need to watch the movie "The Passion of the Christ" which I had never seen before. My eyes had welled up many times and towards the end I felt anger. Nothing has changed and in fact gotten much worse. Jesus said "Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar". I tell you the truth, give them nothing. Their Roman system is still here today and 1000 times more corrupt. It is the rich serving the rich and they have created evil, sophisticated, satanic secret societies to protect themselves and their brats. Hear me now, you will pay your tithes to God, I have spoken.

4:7. If you live local, visit the Allander Evangelical Church in Milngavie, Glasgow. Come and worship, pray and sing with us. Take God's Grace away with you. Understand why you are here and tune into your divine spirituality. Jesus is knocking on your door. Download the Sermons at Alternatively, go to a Church near you and start your journey to eternal life. Repent and God will forgive you. Do not try to force yourself and do not give up too easily. Watch "The Passion" or read online "The Gospels". Walk with Jesus and find Your narrow path.

Warning, do NOT pay a tithe to a corrupt Church. Legally fight to open their closed doors.

Satan is the present gay ruler of this world (temporary) and wants your soul. Elijah said if you follow baal (satan) then follow baal. I give you my Word that God is as real as I am writing to you now. This is your calling for the battle is now. Reap what you sow (make your choice), eternal life or the Second Death. Chose between you with satan or you with the One and only true God (YHWH) of the Beautiful Bible. Satan aka Lucifer will do everything to block your path. God the Father has many names, such as Yahweh, Jehovah, I Am, Abba Father. I will soon teach you how satan uses hundreds of different names and guises to con the gullible and selfish.

4:8. It has been said that a prophet is not welcome in his own country. Perhaps God will let You decide. Whatever will be, will be by the will of God the Father. Resistance to God is futile.

4:9. I have a message for you. The circus is on its way. I did not want this but it is part of the fight. The circus (SAHT) is all about satan's media to destroy Christianity. The Battle belongs to God. Satan aka Pinocchio (the father of all lies) knows he cannot tempt me. There is Nothing mankind can offer me. There is nothing I need except God. I am His suffering servant (for now).

4:10. More on 119. In the flesh I am phenomenally associated to the number 119. We needed a car and my wife asked God to help. Within 4 hours we had acquired a small car with a 1199cc engine and the Reg Plate looks like Saviour's Family (smile). Last week, we picked up God's Grand- daughter (Scott's baby girl) from the baby sitter who's surname is Mrs KeirXXX (Ki=119). The mother has just been given a bigger house in Ki (=119). Our Son Scott has a verse from Psalm 119 on his memorial stone with an unplanned? number 119 on their (buried beside our family friend) back to back gravestone.

It is important that you know our Scott (up above) will be 33 years old on the 119th day of 2014.

Our Scott is in good Hands and I keep asking Father if we can have him back. The last 4 digits of our Scott's valid Bank Of Scotland debit card are 1911. Around 2010, SAHT had given our Scott a council flat at 133 (33) Kirkton (ki=119) Ave in Knightswood (ki=119), Glasgow. Sick SAHT manipulated it as a satanic curse but Abba Father had planned above this, as always.

Last year (2012) my wife had unknowingly bought me a Virgin simcard with numbers 911 (together) in it. I used it to help victims of criminal freemasonry. I had to stop using it because the deranged masons kept phoning (as a pretend-victim) or sending "mind-game" texts, etc.

My wife recently bought me a Tesco Nokia (ki) mobile phone and I asked God for a 119/911 number. Two weeks ago, I looked at the numbers in the aisle to find a 119 (knowing I was on cctv) I didn't find one. Last Fri 20th Sept, we were in Tescos again. I told my wife that a simcard with my number is over by the checkout. She went away shopping as I went over to look at the numbers. I looked at about 10 cards and the very last simcard had the number 1911 in it, thank you Dad. I previously told you that "119 is all mine" to the glory of God the Father.

On Wed afternoon 11/9/13 (119) I felt driven to spray paint "PSALM 119" on the back of my high visibility jacket. I wore this jacket down through the village (knowing I was on SAHT cctv). On this same date I was compelled to put a Lamp on our rear bedroom window sill. I have left it on every night since the 11th Sept. Search all the different meanings online for "Your word is a Lamp for my feet and a Light for my Path" (Psalm 119). This is all about God's plan for you.

I previously told you we bought a Suzuki on 9/9/09 (still have it in our back garden). It was a strange day and the seller said his advert was not out till next week. I now understand the message that three divine 9's will always be above three evil 6's. Did you spot the Ki in Suzuki? I used to own three Suzuki motorcycles and the big Suzuki letter "S" on the front of the car means Saviour (smile). I even used to have the same big letter "S" on a crash helmet (photo). Our Father has always looked after me, He has a plan for His Children.

Welcome to "The True Church of Jesus Christ" (part 4) Fri 27/9/13. If you want Truth, then read parts 1-3. God does not tell lies. Now do your bit and pass this news to your Church, to the righteous and to those you care about.

Love, Peace and FR33DOM..... Joseph Christie aka Jesus (as promised).

Sunday, 28 November 2010

The Christ Messenger part 17 (28th Nov 2010)

The Christ Messenger part 17 (28th Nov 2010)

Satan uses many names and here are some more you should know about. RU or UR, the name "Brown", the "Chitauli/Jahbulon",(aka "Old One" and "auld lang syne" is direct reference to it), that Old Serpent, Pan, Enki (more later). All of this is used in masonic code. This happened, I met pretend victim MaURice KELlet (Kel=twenty eight=No of MAN=satan) who hailed from CUMBria. He and Ann M took photographs of the murdered? Andy (ArnOLD) McArdle. The whole story was masonic theatre/skits and designed to install a fear of the puppet masons. Andy is not dead, I spoke to him on the phone as he pretended to be Andy's brother, just ask Ann Mallaby (did I record it? more later). AM is not her real name and I wish no one any harm, I am showing you how satan's tempted puppets operate. Also that most of you have no idea that a higher power is at work, more later.

Anyway, back to the codes. Huge masonic car dealership arnOLD clARK sells his cars all priced to end in 88 i.e. not "£4995 or £8999. They are all £4988 or £8988, etc. They have been doing this for 30 odd years. It's the masonic number 11 again 11X8 = 88. They love ARK/ARC because it's what they have reversed from the Bible to suit their twisted brainwashing system. I told you about the occult ritual of the Pan Am crash (1988).

Brown is also satan. I previously told you that when I was a kid, we had the Brown family above and the Devlin family below us. I have been plagued by this name Brown. I even got a letter from mason PM Gordon Brown saying that the GentleMANs clubs are finished, not! (lots more on the word brown later). You can read about the RU/UR (curse of 39) in the Christ Messenger parts 15/16. I could give you a whole book on RU/UR. e.g. D tRUmp, saURon, saRUman, RUbber, etc, wait till you read my story and persecution by RU/UR. Research more on the "Chitauli", the masonic occultists use the first three letters in all of their codes "CHI" and as it sounds "Chee". Puppet masons love CHImes in or outside their homes. Even the Ice-Cream van Chimes are all part of the spell. The masons gave us a homeless unit at 193 Granville (ville=evil) Road in CHIld's Hill, London. Mike OLD-FIELD's Tubular Bells (Baal) was the soundtrack to The Exorcist movie. I am showing you the invisible (more later). Switch off lucifer's media programming.

On a dark Thurs evening (25th Nov 2010) about 5pm, I felt compelled to go to Zion hill (on the local Milngavie Golf Course) to receive a message. Me and my gift from God, our family dog went walkies. The puppet masons know I was there because they abuse the technology that law abiding people pay for. No, I haven't read the Bible (only small parts), but my whole life relates to everything to do with the Bible. God tells me every day not to worry. Anyway, there was no immediate message and we got back home about 7pm. The next morning I go online to study and I read Dr. Henry Makow's latest article called " Can God Turn this Game Around" and I'm laughing and saying "No problem Henry !". It's a must read. Then came the message I had been waiting for. I was reading an article on about the "17 prophecies of Christ" and at the bottom of the page was "Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion". Make of this what you will as I have had other experiences on Zion hill (later). You will have to trust me when I say that I plan nothing. I am trying to give you a true story that will change this world.

All I need is a platform. I am not interested in hatred or revenge for I have sinned. Satan and his tempted could offer me this planet and it's contents and my answer is "NO DEAL". I only want to follow Jesus and walk with God. I will not lead you astray and I shall comprehensively prove that Jesus is inside every one of you. Knock, knock. Most of you will have your opinions on this, but it is not your opinion at all, it's the brainwashing since birth by the criminal elite (via the BBC/ITV/FOX/CNN + their education program) who don't want you to find truth. That's why they so hate Jesus. Question everything for satan and his tempted have heavily distorted and twisted almost all you have learned. Remember that evil always dresses up as good and you should know that Jesus will not cost ye a penny. Do not worry if you haven't found Jesus yet, God Jehovah knows who is good and those who are Me, Me, Me and lucifer. Turn off the occultic elite's incessant, deliberate noise and tune in to your right-sided spirituality. or google "Ephesians 5:11 freemasonry is a litmus test"

I want to prove to you that satan can hijack your mind. Everybody gets involuntary actions or saying something you should not have said. You wonder what happened as you had no control over it. Evil is always working in the background. But this is easily stopped when you accept that Jesus is real. You will receive God's armour. If Jesus was a myth then why do the world's top satanic leaders crucify Him (and Mary Magdeline) every year at Bohemian Grove?. Why have the occultic criminal elite re-edited almost every truth in the Bible?. They have reversed everything to suit their agenda (NWO). These lies are all over the internet and in THEIR media. They have hijacked the minds of their puppet masons to make them believe that lucifer was wronged and is actually god. This is ludicrous but the Elite are very crafty and their brown tongues are very dumb. Wake up you fools, the Bible is God's Word as YOU are about to find out. I am here to tell you that your life is your test. The Bible Prophecies are for you to read, start with the "17 prophecies of Christ". 17 is also the number of Heaven.

Incidentally, I wrote poetry as a teenager. I also fought corruption and joined the local Socialist Party, via M. Kennedy of Ashfield St, Glasgow. This friend? stole my 2 books of poetry. Here's a couple of lines, "This great world will perish soon and dreamers souls shall live on the moon. Mankind will die through his crave of putting warriors to their grave". (9veh?)

There is a strong possibility I could be Jewish. I was born in the Gorbals in Glasgow 1955 and it was heavy populated by the Jews. I did not know about the good Jewish people then as I only saw the corrupt pen pushing (on reflection, zionist agenda) Jews at work. Our family had to be "Means Tested" and clothed by them. Google "When Scotland was Jewish" and related books. For some strange reason I did not like Jews when I was young, my apologies to all good Jewish people for my ignorance. Dr. Henry Makow will help you find the truth on how the Jews are being conned and used by the occultic criminal elite.

Willie's masonic wedding on 29/4 = 33 (33 degree masons and 3 times their favourite number 11). Also, the followers of Milli-Man (satan) murdered Jesus when he was 33 years old. The occult (evil dressed up as good) will throw in the added bonus of 29/4/11 = 44 (11 X 4). Tell the dumb sheople it's a public holiday. Thank you masonic royal brown-tongued media, "we've never had it so good". Two for one cheap tissue at your price-fixing supermarkets.

I was reading the news and my son said "dad, what's that the pope is saying about condoms?". I replied " He want's to wear one as a hat". As should all ignorant people (esp. puppets). Extra large condom hats available soon. Educate yourselves and don't forget humour. Fake religion makes lots of money for fake teachers. Listen now to me, Jesus is for free.

If I have offended you in any way, then take your head out of the masonic owned sand and put your new hat on. Good truth-seekers are fighting for you, NOT against you. Stop dancing to the criminal elite's "Pan" pipes (Tubular Bells). Message to satan's followers, do you enjoy getting to the tickly bit? everything has a price to pay. I have told ye, Jehovah and satan know your every thought and action. Nobody dies, you WILL be Judged. Resistance to God Jehovah (aka Yahweh) is futile. Your primitive technology is no match to the might of Jehovah, who intelligently designed it all. The technology was to benefit us, not to be used to benefit the Elite. The tempted have stolen everything (by stealth) to protect them, there is NOWHERE for them to hide. As sure as I am speaking to you now, God's Word/Law (119) will prevail. I am living proof as you are about to find out. Life is not stranger than fiction, the Elite's selfishness is. Sow to the spirit, not to the flesh.

Jehovah does not want to destroy you or anybody but this planet cannot sustain selfish cunning foxes that kill all, even when they are full. Bad is destroying paradise faster than we can repair it. Tick, tock, tick (human time). I can do this faster if you will give me a platform but you appear to be afraid of the money-lenders. People used to think the Earth was flat and that cavemen done 911. Here is some simple logic, why are your government or police not investigating freemasonry? because they are all in it together, the royal masonic brother/sisterhood. Do not tar them all with the same brush for there are good people within them, find and support them. I tell ye good people, worry about nothing. I tell ye bad people, you have a choice to make. It is written "All that is evil will be exposed". There is only one evil on this planet and that is satan and his human virus called Freemasonry (aka Common Purpose and thousands of other names). I ask all good people to do something today (everyday) to open closed doors. All those websites supposedly fighting corruption and injustice but no mention of the word "freemasons", why?. There are a lot of trained dogs out there protecting their poisoned bones.

Want to know more about the royal WINDsors?, Google "Moriah Conquering Wind". You see, I have been gaslighted by puppet masons using the word "Wind". I have had unusual synchronicities with this word (more later). But the mind-blowing fact is this, my first? direct encounter with satan (Ouija Board) was at 32 WINDsor Street in Maryhill, Glasgow. I know much about the occultic "Moriah Conquering Wind" (aka satan and illuminati), to me the MCW just means opulent flatulence, it is just another way for the Elite to reverse the stories in the Bible. The sad thing is that some masonic donkeys will only eat masonic flavoured carrots, a lot of them actually believe the Elite's codswallop.

Dear queen of crooks, your puppets can sing GSTQ till they are "blue" in the face. You know who I am, you were expecting me. Your evil top Occultic Families foretold you. Now make your choice and give your plunder back. The land is a gift from God. Perhaps God Jehovah (Yahweh) already knows what happens next? (smile). God hates no one. Internet researchers should profile these "top occultic families" and their contacts. They have been evil for much too long, go find them. Start here, google "This present crisis, destroying Moriah Conquering Wind". You have much to learn about the criminal elite dressed as good?. Wise up, rise up.

Update. I told you about my real brother Alexander (Cain) who tried to kill me with glass poisoning on behalf of the royal? family. There is more Biblical reference to this at "Alexander the Coppersmith". The best way to understand our Christ Messenger story is to read it backwards, i.e. start from this Christ Messenger part 17 and back to part one. Don't worry if some of it doesn't make sense, it soon will. I give you my word, I will not lead you astray.

Message to Icke, you appear to be a good man and have taught us much. However, your God Program is wrong. Perhaps satan gave you that one? I should also point out the obvious, the Moon was designed by God Jehovah, as is all. Yes, David, you have been chosen and I hope you stay on the right path. Money and fame can keep one in the devil's purse forever. Stop those sociopath puppet masons from controlling your forum, it's hard work for the good guys. Why are the puppets allowed to ban the good guys without reason? I used to subscribe to you. The only communication I got was my subscription is running out. I said I would renew if they let me back on the forum to teach and never heard another word. What's up Icke?

Good news for good people. I am also the ace card at the bottom of their pyramid and the vibration has started. The associated song is "Tumbling down, Tumbling down" by Cockney Rebel. But not yet, we all have much work to do. Read God Jehovah's 10 Commandments and you will find it's the only way mankind can survive. Bye Bye Santa.

One final question, why do you hate Jesus, me or any good person who fights for you? satan and his tempted don't care about you, they want total control and to destroy anything good. Has the penny dropped yet? it doesn't have to be like this. Alternatively, go back to their sports, soaps and strictly come x-factor while they make plans.

Love, peace and FR33DOM for all. J.S. Christie I am who I am and everything is meant to be, this is not about me.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Proof that Satan is Cain's father

Proof that Satan is Cain's father.

I will teach you how satan works and what you should know about English Gematria (EG). A=1, B=2, C=3, Z=26. Numbers used with EG are everything and all part of God Jehovah's perfect design. I will teach you how Satan and his tempted followers have stolen/reversed these numbers to deceive you. There are others such as Greek and Hebrew Gematria, but EG is definitely important for your understanding and your future.

Learn about Satan's curse's using the numbers 13, 19, 19.5, 39 and 119. Starting with 119, the puppet masons are taught that this represents Lucifer's Law. It is in fact a reversal of God's Law/Word (read Psalm 119). Satan's followers also done the Twin Towers on 911, etc. The next 911 date is this coming Tues the 9th Nov 2010. Number 13 is Satan's number of apostasy (anti-religion). Number 19 is also used as a curse on non-masons. The 19th letter is S, which to them is Satan, to a Christian, "S" is for Saviour. Number 19.5 multiplied by two is "39", a very important occultic number you should know about. Back to 19.5 which they also use as 195 because 195=39X5 and 195=13X15, they love 195 in any order i.e. 159/951/915, etc, it's all masonic code. Non-masons will get appointments for 9.15am. You should also know that the masons love the cubit of 3, any of their satanic numbers/curses multiplied by 3 gets them excited.

Here are the letters that that add up to Satan's curse of "39", they also reverse the numbers/letters. RU/UR - ST/TS - OX/XO - NY/YN.... This is how they use words/names that add up to 39, DUN (dundee, dunstable, etc), FOR (ford, fortune, etc), OX (fox, rOXbURghe), RUtherFORd (39X2), CUMB (cumbria is a masonic hub), GLAS (glass, glastonbury, glasgow), HOP (hope, shop), TEN (ent, net), COU (cough, court), JAGU (masons love jaguars), FRAN (frank, france), LIND (lindsay, linda) PHOE (Phoenix). This is all used in their masonic codes, curses and harassment.

The letters RU and number 39 is one of their strongest curses and I have been plagued by this number my whole life (esp. the letters RU or UR = 39) as you shall read. My only Ouija Board session with satan was with two others called maURice and RUth, undeniably super-natural. I founded Second Family UK (free support group for victims of freemasonry) with a puppet mason (I didn't know) called bRUce RUtherFORd from south east England. It was all a masonic set up to destroy the group. Incidentally he had an old JAGUar (masonic perp-mobile) in his drive. The masons tried to kill me (twice) when I visited him, but I've had numerous miracles and protection by Jehovah. You can read more about RU and the Ankh by Phillip Gardiner, where he states that the oval on top of the Ankh is called the RU (eternal life). I will tell you again, this is not about me. I am just the messenger to tell you life is your test and you have a choice to make. There are two lights to follow and one is false.

You can also find UR in chURch and in JeRUsalem. The reason for the number 39 is 13 X 3, signifies three times the number of apostasy, satan and his tempted followers hate the Christ. All of the above numbers (and multiples) is masonic code and used in their business/home/phone/vehicle numbers. Further study of their codes and practice below. To help you, understand further, read a small fraction of my real life story of Cain and Able below.

My real family (7 brothers and a sister) were all stolen by Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Orange Order and the Masons who control every religion and cult (fact). All were used to persecute me. I do not hate them. This hijacking of people's minds is happening world-wide by Satan and his tempted followers. But I will prove that the occultic criminal elite know who I am. My younger brother Alex joined (manipulated by satan?) the Army with The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (satan aka the dragon), a 100% puppet mason regiment. I done a plumbing job for his brown tongued Colonel who (at the same time) recommended our Alex to receive a gong (mbe) from the queen of crooks. I have seen the photo of my brother receiving his brotherhood gong from prince? charles and the look of glee on my brother's face. I couldn't understand how my brother Alex developed a brown tongue. The Criminal Elite have clean bums, courtesy of brown tongues. Incidentally, satan aka prince and Cha = 111. The masons use a Helicopter = 111 to psych/terrorise their victims and in the occultic LOTR, Bilbo celebrates his 111th birthday, etc. You should research words with Chi = 119 or Ki = 119. Lot's more to follow.

This happened, Cain and Able. My younger brother Alex tried to kill me with GLASs poisoning. I sent an email to every politician and newspaper about this. But I didn't mention the occultic side of the story. The initials for our Alex is A.S. = 119, he lives at 119 cURzon Street (curse on), his telephone number adds up to 19-119. My whole family were moved to RUchill and I've had phenomenal harassment there. All manipulated by the occultic criminal elite using their puppet masons. Go to the Indymedia Manchester website and read their article about "gang-stalking" for more info on this deranged evil.

When I lived in Hendon, London, two of my long-term pretend friends (puppet masons) moved to Dunstable, (DUN-ST-Able = 39+39 curse on Able), in England. I stayed there often. I didn't know about masons at this time, but I have always known something was wrong. One was Mr. Shine (Lucifer aka the Shining One) and the other was Mr. Smith (Cain was a worker of metals, blackSmith). Mr Smith also married my first COUsin and all of my real COUsins are puppet masons. Do you think satan knows who I am? (grin). Mr. Shine and Smith took me (gave me a free ticket) to go and see the masonic STranglers (UK band/group) at Shepherds Bush (shepherds and burning bush in the bible). Much more later. These low level masons just took satan's temptation/reward, they have no idea of the bigger event.

I am plagued by the name Mansfield. I used to live in Hopehill Road, Glasgow, G20 and I told you previously (plus the owl, phoenix, hawk and jaguar garage) that the occultic criminal elite had this recently changed to Mansfield Road Arch Hill (google streetview it). They only changed the bottom part where I used to live as the top part is still called Hopehill Road?. I got heavy masonic theatre from a pretend victim called A.Mallaby (puppet masons part of IBTL) who lives in Mansfield Road, near Edinburgh. Anyway, it's all to do with Cain and Able, where Cain slew Able in the Field and satan is known as the "Man". Apparently, the Mark of Cain (MOC) is two crosses or the letters XX, see MOC onYoutube. You will find that Cain's father is satan. Last year we searched for a second hand car and bought one, the registration starts with an X and finishes with an X, (the MOC). The EG and numbers (on reg) add up to 109 (19), the occult ignore the zero and is only used as a space. We bought it for £1900 on the 9/9/09. Nothing was planned by me or my wife, you just couldn't make this up. We sold our Nissan to recoup the cost. Another reference to Cain. When I first went to London, I was befriended by Mr Samworth of Hendon. This puppet is a sheet metal worker (as was Cain) and another reason he was over-friendly is because masons love the name Sam (google Lucifer-Samael aka Cain's father).

I am living a super-natural life and can comprehensively back it all up with concrete evidence. I am not interested in revenge or hatred. I wish no harm to anyone mentioned, but how else can I tell you that God (His name is Jehovah) and satan are real? I am part of no religion or cult. I know Jesus is infinite and inside everybody. You can find Jesus on the Inter "Net" (153 fish) for free. Walk with God and wear his armour against evil. Research (who say Judgement Day starts on the 21/5/2011) and the excellent/modern Jesus won't cost you a "Penny". Jesus was born on 9th October = 9/10 =19, now you know why the occultic elite use 19 as a curse. Never celebrate Pagan Christmas for you will empower Santa (satan), I kid you not. New Years Day is also Lucifer's Day, it's held on the 1st Jan = 1/1 = 11 (satan's number of death and destruction). Get focused, there is only one God Jehovah and one pretender using lots of names and temptation tricks. Are you a truth beginner? Youtube "The NWO for Dummies" or "Agenda 21"

The Bible makes it clear that the cross is a cURse. Anyone wearing one on their neck is putting themselves under a curse. Do you think the churches would know this? See and the truth about satan's churches. You can listen to Christian radio stations/websites for free (although some need donations to operate) anytime without giving the church your money. Where does all this church money go? read the truth online, question everything and "the truth shall set you free".

Welcome to The Christ Messenger part 13 (7/11/10). Read the earlier CM posts and learn the truth. Do you think it is by chance that I live at No 93(39) AShbURn Road, GLASgow. I was born in the RUtherglen district. How I became Joseph Christie. All of the miracles and 55 years of persecution. More importantly, finding Jesus whom I tried to block. Jehovah tells me everyday not to worry. Unfortunately, I still get toothache and other human miseries, like puppet masons. It doesn't have to be like this. I have told ye that God has reversed all evil onto those that practice it. Life and the universe is by God Jehovah's design and not by the masonic/satanic/temptation trick "GAOTU". Ask brown tongue Dick Dawkins about God, you only get on TV if you are in the brotherhood of Man (aka satan). I have a story that will change the world, think of Nineveh. This story won't cost you a Penny and must be done transparently, with one condition, no masonic capitalist circuses. Switch off the criminal elite's media, they are conditioning you. Finally, do not be controlled by the masons of oz hiding behind the curtains. They are just confused selfish puppets for the occultic criminal elite. Go to This is not about me, I have spoken. Love, peace and FR33DOM to all..... J.S.Christie (born again), spread The Word.