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Proof that Satan is Cain's father

Proof that Satan is Cain's father.

I will teach you how satan works and what you should know about English Gematria (EG). A=1, B=2, C=3, Z=26. Numbers used with EG are everything and all part of God Jehovah's perfect design. I will teach you how Satan and his tempted followers have stolen/reversed these numbers to deceive you. There are others such as Greek and Hebrew Gematria, but EG is definitely important for your understanding and your future.

Learn about Satan's curse's using the numbers 13, 19, 19.5, 39 and 119. Starting with 119, the puppet masons are taught that this represents Lucifer's Law. It is in fact a reversal of God's Law/Word (read Psalm 119). Satan's followers also done the Twin Towers on 911, etc. The next 911 date is this coming Tues the 9th Nov 2010. Number 13 is Satan's number of apostasy (anti-religion). Number 19 is also used as a curse on non-masons. The 19th letter is S, which to them is Satan, to a Christian, "S" is for Saviour. Number 19.5 multiplied by two is "39", a very important occultic number you should know about. Back to 19.5 which they also use as 195 because 195=39X5 and 195=13X15, they love 195 in any order i.e. 159/951/915, etc, it's all masonic code. Non-masons will get appointments for 9.15am. You should also know that the masons love the cubit of 3, any of their satanic numbers/curses multiplied by 3 gets them excited.

Here are the letters that that add up to Satan's curse of "39", they also reverse the numbers/letters. RU/UR - ST/TS - OX/XO - NY/YN.... This is how they use words/names that add up to 39, DUN (dundee, dunstable, etc), FOR (ford, fortune, etc), OX (fox, rOXbURghe), RUtherFORd (39X2), CUMB (cumbria is a masonic hub), GLAS (glass, glastonbury, glasgow), HOP (hope, shop), TEN (ent, net), COU (cough, court), JAGU (masons love jaguars), FRAN (frank, france), LIND (lindsay, linda) PHOE (Phoenix). This is all used in their masonic codes, curses and harassment.

The letters RU and number 39 is one of their strongest curses and I have been plagued by this number my whole life (esp. the letters RU or UR = 39) as you shall read. My only Ouija Board session with satan was with two others called maURice and RUth, undeniably super-natural. I founded Second Family UK (free support group for victims of freemasonry) with a puppet mason (I didn't know) called bRUce RUtherFORd from south east England. It was all a masonic set up to destroy the group. Incidentally he had an old JAGUar (masonic perp-mobile) in his drive. The masons tried to kill me (twice) when I visited him, but I've had numerous miracles and protection by Jehovah. You can read more about RU and the Ankh by Phillip Gardiner, where he states that the oval on top of the Ankh is called the RU (eternal life). I will tell you again, this is not about me. I am just the messenger to tell you life is your test and you have a choice to make. There are two lights to follow and one is false.

You can also find UR in chURch and in JeRUsalem. The reason for the number 39 is 13 X 3, signifies three times the number of apostasy, satan and his tempted followers hate the Christ. All of the above numbers (and multiples) is masonic code and used in their business/home/phone/vehicle numbers. Further study of their codes and practice below. To help you, understand further, read a small fraction of my real life story of Cain and Able below.

My real family (7 brothers and a sister) were all stolen by Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Orange Order and the Masons who control every religion and cult (fact). All were used to persecute me. I do not hate them. This hijacking of people's minds is happening world-wide by Satan and his tempted followers. But I will prove that the occultic criminal elite know who I am. My younger brother Alex joined (manipulated by satan?) the Army with The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (satan aka the dragon), a 100% puppet mason regiment. I done a plumbing job for his brown tongued Colonel who (at the same time) recommended our Alex to receive a gong (mbe) from the queen of crooks. I have seen the photo of my brother receiving his brotherhood gong from prince? charles and the look of glee on my brother's face. I couldn't understand how my brother Alex developed a brown tongue. The Criminal Elite have clean bums, courtesy of brown tongues. Incidentally, satan aka prince and Cha = 111. The masons use a Helicopter = 111 to psych/terrorise their victims and in the occultic LOTR, Bilbo celebrates his 111th birthday, etc. You should research words with Chi = 119 or Ki = 119. Lot's more to follow.

This happened, Cain and Able. My younger brother Alex tried to kill me with GLASs poisoning. I sent an email to every politician and newspaper about this. But I didn't mention the occultic side of the story. The initials for our Alex is A.S. = 119, he lives at 119 cURzon Street (curse on), his telephone number adds up to 19-119. My whole family were moved to RUchill and I've had phenomenal harassment there. All manipulated by the occultic criminal elite using their puppet masons. Go to the Indymedia Manchester website and read their article about "gang-stalking" for more info on this deranged evil.

When I lived in Hendon, London, two of my long-term pretend friends (puppet masons) moved to Dunstable, (DUN-ST-Able = 39+39 curse on Able), in England. I stayed there often. I didn't know about masons at this time, but I have always known something was wrong. One was Mr. Shine (Lucifer aka the Shining One) and the other was Mr. Smith (Cain was a worker of metals, blackSmith). Mr Smith also married my first COUsin and all of my real COUsins are puppet masons. Do you think satan knows who I am? (grin). Mr. Shine and Smith took me (gave me a free ticket) to go and see the masonic STranglers (UK band/group) at Shepherds Bush (shepherds and burning bush in the bible). Much more later. These low level masons just took satan's temptation/reward, they have no idea of the bigger event.

I am plagued by the name Mansfield. I used to live in Hopehill Road, Glasgow, G20 and I told you previously (plus the owl, phoenix, hawk and jaguar garage) that the occultic criminal elite had this recently changed to Mansfield Road Arch Hill (google streetview it). They only changed the bottom part where I used to live as the top part is still called Hopehill Road?. I got heavy masonic theatre from a pretend victim called A.Mallaby (puppet masons part of IBTL) who lives in Mansfield Road, near Edinburgh. Anyway, it's all to do with Cain and Able, where Cain slew Able in the Field and satan is known as the "Man". Apparently, the Mark of Cain (MOC) is two crosses or the letters XX, see MOC onYoutube. You will find that Cain's father is satan. Last year we searched for a second hand car and bought one, the registration starts with an X and finishes with an X, (the MOC). The EG and numbers (on reg) add up to 109 (19), the occult ignore the zero and is only used as a space. We bought it for £1900 on the 9/9/09. Nothing was planned by me or my wife, you just couldn't make this up. We sold our Nissan to recoup the cost. Another reference to Cain. When I first went to London, I was befriended by Mr Samworth of Hendon. This puppet is a sheet metal worker (as was Cain) and another reason he was over-friendly is because masons love the name Sam (google Lucifer-Samael aka Cain's father).

I am living a super-natural life and can comprehensively back it all up with concrete evidence. I am not interested in revenge or hatred. I wish no harm to anyone mentioned, but how else can I tell you that God (His name is Jehovah) and satan are real? I am part of no religion or cult. I know Jesus is infinite and inside everybody. You can find Jesus on the Inter "Net" (153 fish) for free. Walk with God and wear his armour against evil. Research (who say Judgement Day starts on the 21/5/2011) and the excellent/modern Jesus won't cost you a "Penny". Jesus was born on 9th October = 9/10 =19, now you know why the occultic elite use 19 as a curse. Never celebrate Pagan Christmas for you will empower Santa (satan), I kid you not. New Years Day is also Lucifer's Day, it's held on the 1st Jan = 1/1 = 11 (satan's number of death and destruction). Get focused, there is only one God Jehovah and one pretender using lots of names and temptation tricks. Are you a truth beginner? Youtube "The NWO for Dummies" or "Agenda 21"

The Bible makes it clear that the cross is a cURse. Anyone wearing one on their neck is putting themselves under a curse. Do you think the churches would know this? See and the truth about satan's churches. You can listen to Christian radio stations/websites for free (although some need donations to operate) anytime without giving the church your money. Where does all this church money go? read the truth online, question everything and "the truth shall set you free".

Welcome to The Christ Messenger part 13 (7/11/10). Read the earlier CM posts and learn the truth. Do you think it is by chance that I live at No 93(39) AShbURn Road, GLASgow. I was born in the RUtherglen district. How I became Joseph Christie. All of the miracles and 55 years of persecution. More importantly, finding Jesus whom I tried to block. Jehovah tells me everyday not to worry. Unfortunately, I still get toothache and other human miseries, like puppet masons. It doesn't have to be like this. I have told ye that God has reversed all evil onto those that practice it. Life and the universe is by God Jehovah's design and not by the masonic/satanic/temptation trick "GAOTU". Ask brown tongue Dick Dawkins about God, you only get on TV if you are in the brotherhood of Man (aka satan). I have a story that will change the world, think of Nineveh. This story won't cost you a Penny and must be done transparently, with one condition, no masonic capitalist circuses. Switch off the criminal elite's media, they are conditioning you. Finally, do not be controlled by the masons of oz hiding behind the curtains. They are just confused selfish puppets for the occultic criminal elite. Go to This is not about me, I have spoken. Love, peace and FR33DOM to all..... J.S.Christie (born again), spread The Word.

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