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The Christ Messenger part 17 (28th Nov 2010)

The Christ Messenger part 17 (28th Nov 2010)

Satan uses many names and here are some more you should know about. RU or UR, the name "Brown", the "Chitauli/Jahbulon",(aka "Old One" and "auld lang syne" is direct reference to it), that Old Serpent, Pan, Enki (more later). All of this is used in masonic code. This happened, I met pretend victim MaURice KELlet (Kel=twenty eight=No of MAN=satan) who hailed from CUMBria. He and Ann M took photographs of the murdered? Andy (ArnOLD) McArdle. The whole story was masonic theatre/skits and designed to install a fear of the puppet masons. Andy is not dead, I spoke to him on the phone as he pretended to be Andy's brother, just ask Ann Mallaby (did I record it? more later). AM is not her real name and I wish no one any harm, I am showing you how satan's tempted puppets operate. Also that most of you have no idea that a higher power is at work, more later.

Anyway, back to the codes. Huge masonic car dealership arnOLD clARK sells his cars all priced to end in 88 i.e. not "£4995 or £8999. They are all £4988 or £8988, etc. They have been doing this for 30 odd years. It's the masonic number 11 again 11X8 = 88. They love ARK/ARC because it's what they have reversed from the Bible to suit their twisted brainwashing system. I told you about the occult ritual of the Pan Am crash (1988).

Brown is also satan. I previously told you that when I was a kid, we had the Brown family above and the Devlin family below us. I have been plagued by this name Brown. I even got a letter from mason PM Gordon Brown saying that the GentleMANs clubs are finished, not! (lots more on the word brown later). You can read about the RU/UR (curse of 39) in the Christ Messenger parts 15/16. I could give you a whole book on RU/UR. e.g. D tRUmp, saURon, saRUman, RUbber, etc, wait till you read my story and persecution by RU/UR. Research more on the "Chitauli", the masonic occultists use the first three letters in all of their codes "CHI" and as it sounds "Chee". Puppet masons love CHImes in or outside their homes. Even the Ice-Cream van Chimes are all part of the spell. The masons gave us a homeless unit at 193 Granville (ville=evil) Road in CHIld's Hill, London. Mike OLD-FIELD's Tubular Bells (Baal) was the soundtrack to The Exorcist movie. I am showing you the invisible (more later). Switch off lucifer's media programming.

On a dark Thurs evening (25th Nov 2010) about 5pm, I felt compelled to go to Zion hill (on the local Milngavie Golf Course) to receive a message. Me and my gift from God, our family dog went walkies. The puppet masons know I was there because they abuse the technology that law abiding people pay for. No, I haven't read the Bible (only small parts), but my whole life relates to everything to do with the Bible. God tells me every day not to worry. Anyway, there was no immediate message and we got back home about 7pm. The next morning I go online to study and I read Dr. Henry Makow's latest article called " Can God Turn this Game Around" and I'm laughing and saying "No problem Henry !". It's a must read. Then came the message I had been waiting for. I was reading an article on about the "17 prophecies of Christ" and at the bottom of the page was "Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion". Make of this what you will as I have had other experiences on Zion hill (later). You will have to trust me when I say that I plan nothing. I am trying to give you a true story that will change this world.

All I need is a platform. I am not interested in hatred or revenge for I have sinned. Satan and his tempted could offer me this planet and it's contents and my answer is "NO DEAL". I only want to follow Jesus and walk with God. I will not lead you astray and I shall comprehensively prove that Jesus is inside every one of you. Knock, knock. Most of you will have your opinions on this, but it is not your opinion at all, it's the brainwashing since birth by the criminal elite (via the BBC/ITV/FOX/CNN + their education program) who don't want you to find truth. That's why they so hate Jesus. Question everything for satan and his tempted have heavily distorted and twisted almost all you have learned. Remember that evil always dresses up as good and you should know that Jesus will not cost ye a penny. Do not worry if you haven't found Jesus yet, God Jehovah knows who is good and those who are Me, Me, Me and lucifer. Turn off the occultic elite's incessant, deliberate noise and tune in to your right-sided spirituality. or google "Ephesians 5:11 freemasonry is a litmus test"

I want to prove to you that satan can hijack your mind. Everybody gets involuntary actions or saying something you should not have said. You wonder what happened as you had no control over it. Evil is always working in the background. But this is easily stopped when you accept that Jesus is real. You will receive God's armour. If Jesus was a myth then why do the world's top satanic leaders crucify Him (and Mary Magdeline) every year at Bohemian Grove?. Why have the occultic criminal elite re-edited almost every truth in the Bible?. They have reversed everything to suit their agenda (NWO). These lies are all over the internet and in THEIR media. They have hijacked the minds of their puppet masons to make them believe that lucifer was wronged and is actually god. This is ludicrous but the Elite are very crafty and their brown tongues are very dumb. Wake up you fools, the Bible is God's Word as YOU are about to find out. I am here to tell you that your life is your test. The Bible Prophecies are for you to read, start with the "17 prophecies of Christ". 17 is also the number of Heaven.

Incidentally, I wrote poetry as a teenager. I also fought corruption and joined the local Socialist Party, via M. Kennedy of Ashfield St, Glasgow. This friend? stole my 2 books of poetry. Here's a couple of lines, "This great world will perish soon and dreamers souls shall live on the moon. Mankind will die through his crave of putting warriors to their grave". (9veh?)

There is a strong possibility I could be Jewish. I was born in the Gorbals in Glasgow 1955 and it was heavy populated by the Jews. I did not know about the good Jewish people then as I only saw the corrupt pen pushing (on reflection, zionist agenda) Jews at work. Our family had to be "Means Tested" and clothed by them. Google "When Scotland was Jewish" and related books. For some strange reason I did not like Jews when I was young, my apologies to all good Jewish people for my ignorance. Dr. Henry Makow will help you find the truth on how the Jews are being conned and used by the occultic criminal elite.

Willie's masonic wedding on 29/4 = 33 (33 degree masons and 3 times their favourite number 11). Also, the followers of Milli-Man (satan) murdered Jesus when he was 33 years old. The occult (evil dressed up as good) will throw in the added bonus of 29/4/11 = 44 (11 X 4). Tell the dumb sheople it's a public holiday. Thank you masonic royal brown-tongued media, "we've never had it so good". Two for one cheap tissue at your price-fixing supermarkets.

I was reading the news and my son said "dad, what's that the pope is saying about condoms?". I replied " He want's to wear one as a hat". As should all ignorant people (esp. puppets). Extra large condom hats available soon. Educate yourselves and don't forget humour. Fake religion makes lots of money for fake teachers. Listen now to me, Jesus is for free.

If I have offended you in any way, then take your head out of the masonic owned sand and put your new hat on. Good truth-seekers are fighting for you, NOT against you. Stop dancing to the criminal elite's "Pan" pipes (Tubular Bells). Message to satan's followers, do you enjoy getting to the tickly bit? everything has a price to pay. I have told ye, Jehovah and satan know your every thought and action. Nobody dies, you WILL be Judged. Resistance to God Jehovah (aka Yahweh) is futile. Your primitive technology is no match to the might of Jehovah, who intelligently designed it all. The technology was to benefit us, not to be used to benefit the Elite. The tempted have stolen everything (by stealth) to protect them, there is NOWHERE for them to hide. As sure as I am speaking to you now, God's Word/Law (119) will prevail. I am living proof as you are about to find out. Life is not stranger than fiction, the Elite's selfishness is. Sow to the spirit, not to the flesh.

Jehovah does not want to destroy you or anybody but this planet cannot sustain selfish cunning foxes that kill all, even when they are full. Bad is destroying paradise faster than we can repair it. Tick, tock, tick (human time). I can do this faster if you will give me a platform but you appear to be afraid of the money-lenders. People used to think the Earth was flat and that cavemen done 911. Here is some simple logic, why are your government or police not investigating freemasonry? because they are all in it together, the royal masonic brother/sisterhood. Do not tar them all with the same brush for there are good people within them, find and support them. I tell ye good people, worry about nothing. I tell ye bad people, you have a choice to make. It is written "All that is evil will be exposed". There is only one evil on this planet and that is satan and his human virus called Freemasonry (aka Common Purpose and thousands of other names). I ask all good people to do something today (everyday) to open closed doors. All those websites supposedly fighting corruption and injustice but no mention of the word "freemasons", why?. There are a lot of trained dogs out there protecting their poisoned bones.

Want to know more about the royal WINDsors?, Google "Moriah Conquering Wind". You see, I have been gaslighted by puppet masons using the word "Wind". I have had unusual synchronicities with this word (more later). But the mind-blowing fact is this, my first? direct encounter with satan (Ouija Board) was at 32 WINDsor Street in Maryhill, Glasgow. I know much about the occultic "Moriah Conquering Wind" (aka satan and illuminati), to me the MCW just means opulent flatulence, it is just another way for the Elite to reverse the stories in the Bible. The sad thing is that some masonic donkeys will only eat masonic flavoured carrots, a lot of them actually believe the Elite's codswallop.

Dear queen of crooks, your puppets can sing GSTQ till they are "blue" in the face. You know who I am, you were expecting me. Your evil top Occultic Families foretold you. Now make your choice and give your plunder back. The land is a gift from God. Perhaps God Jehovah (Yahweh) already knows what happens next? (smile). God hates no one. Internet researchers should profile these "top occultic families" and their contacts. They have been evil for much too long, go find them. Start here, google "This present crisis, destroying Moriah Conquering Wind". You have much to learn about the criminal elite dressed as good?. Wise up, rise up.

Update. I told you about my real brother Alexander (Cain) who tried to kill me with glass poisoning on behalf of the royal? family. There is more Biblical reference to this at "Alexander the Coppersmith". The best way to understand our Christ Messenger story is to read it backwards, i.e. start from this Christ Messenger part 17 and back to part one. Don't worry if some of it doesn't make sense, it soon will. I give you my word, I will not lead you astray.

Message to Icke, you appear to be a good man and have taught us much. However, your God Program is wrong. Perhaps satan gave you that one? I should also point out the obvious, the Moon was designed by God Jehovah, as is all. Yes, David, you have been chosen and I hope you stay on the right path. Money and fame can keep one in the devil's purse forever. Stop those sociopath puppet masons from controlling your forum, it's hard work for the good guys. Why are the puppets allowed to ban the good guys without reason? I used to subscribe to you. The only communication I got was my subscription is running out. I said I would renew if they let me back on the forum to teach and never heard another word. What's up Icke?

Good news for good people. I am also the ace card at the bottom of their pyramid and the vibration has started. The associated song is "Tumbling down, Tumbling down" by Cockney Rebel. But not yet, we all have much work to do. Read God Jehovah's 10 Commandments and you will find it's the only way mankind can survive. Bye Bye Santa.

One final question, why do you hate Jesus, me or any good person who fights for you? satan and his tempted don't care about you, they want total control and to destroy anything good. Has the penny dropped yet? it doesn't have to be like this. Alternatively, go back to their sports, soaps and strictly come x-factor while they make plans.

Love, peace and FR33DOM for all. J.S. Christie I am who I am and everything is meant to be, this is not about me.

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