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Latest news from Jesus (22nd Nov 2013)

Latest news from Jesus (22nd Nov 2013)

I can give you Truth or do you prefer satan's lie?. I recently posted this truth online and to some Churches in the UK…..

Satan aka Pinocchio (the father of all lies).

4:1. Elijah walked into the Allander Evangelical Kirk. Elijah was a stranger who received a warm welcome. There was a man of God who was sent before Elijah. God has plans for this small Kirk, God is very happy with His children and gave Elijah a whole new family. God the Father has already sown the four mustard seeds which is the four elders. Remember your role, remain humble and focused, for God gives and can take away. Satan and His Tempted (SAHT) are aware and have installed a few snakes/destroyers (Lilith and her neighbours). Wear your spiritual armour and worry about nothing. Continue to do what you do best and follow guidance. The Holy Spirit fills the Kirk, the local Presence of God has become stronger. This is written for those that have ears. Also for those of you who refused to listen to why you are here. Life is your test.

4:2. I took the bread that was left over from Communion. I fed the fish. Now I feedeth the Ravens for the Ravens feedeth Elijah. Father still calls me Joseph. I tell ye the truth, you can only come to the Father through me. "What is truth?" Pilate asked. Here is your answer..... "I Am truth".

4:3. For the last 30 months, God has compelled me to rest on a Saturday. In the book of Genesis, God rested on the 7th day. I have read the arguments and I am not trying to change your ways. I take communion and worship with you every Sunday. I walk, talk, pray and worship seven days and seven nights every week. The 4th Commandment is important to me as is all of God's Law (Psalm 119). I want to be more Holy, but only in Father's Time (after the battle). I had to reach this mature age to see and experience everything. Rabid dogs have to be dealt with.

4:4. I was very spiritually inspired by Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. I don't know if it was the "Good defeats evil" or the 119 meaningful coincidence in my human life (Tolkien =Ki=119). A stranger gave me the book in 1973. I watched the movies when they eventually came out. You can see clearly how SAHT- Hollywood managed to glorify Sauron (satan again). I did not know that JRR Tolkien was a Christian and that he had completed a translation of the "Book of Jonah". This was in the Jerusalem Bible. Last year, we put a fishing rod and a copy of the Jerusalem Bible inside our son's coffin.

4:5. Dreams of Joseph. On 2/2/10, in the early hours I had these vivid dream/messages. I wrote Gd (yes, Gd and not God) is real and can take you anytime. Then another very vivid dream that I was paralysed under the water and was brought back. I could feel and relate to this event, but I do not know the time or place as yet. This was followed by another message, I wrote these notes "Rotherham was relevant". I searched long and hard for the Rotherham message without success. Then in Autumn 2012, I stumbled? online the "Emphasised Bible by Joseph Bryant Rotherham". Go to Amazon and read the positive reviews. You can also download Rotherham's Emphasised Bible for free online. I recommend this Bible to help with your study. I use several Bibles to help me to be where Father wants me to be. The money-lenders have always tampered with Truth (editing the Bible in favour of themselves). Death does not mean they have got off Scott free. None of ye can escape judgement. Even those that pierced Him shall see Him.

4:6. I recently felt the need to watch the movie "The Passion of the Christ" which I had never seen before. My eyes had welled up many times and towards the end I felt anger. Nothing has changed and in fact gotten much worse. Jesus said "Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar". I tell you the truth, give them nothing. Their Roman system is still here today and 1000 times more corrupt. It is the rich serving the rich and they have created evil, sophisticated, satanic secret societies to protect themselves and their brats. Hear me now, you will pay your tithes to God, I have spoken.

4:7. If you live local, visit the Allander Evangelical Church in Milngavie, Glasgow. Come and worship, pray and sing with us. Take God's Grace away with you. Understand why you are here and tune into your divine spirituality. Jesus is knocking on your door. Download the Sermons at Alternatively, go to a Church near you and start your journey to eternal life. Repent and God will forgive you. Do not try to force yourself and do not give up too easily. Watch "The Passion" or read online "The Gospels". Walk with Jesus and find Your narrow path.

Warning, do NOT pay a tithe to a corrupt Church. Legally fight to open their closed doors.

Satan is the present gay ruler of this world (temporary) and wants your soul. Elijah said if you follow baal (satan) then follow baal. I give you my Word that God is as real as I am writing to you now. This is your calling for the battle is now. Reap what you sow (make your choice), eternal life or the Second Death. Chose between you with satan or you with the One and only true God (YHWH) of the Beautiful Bible. Satan aka Lucifer will do everything to block your path. God the Father has many names, such as Yahweh, Jehovah, I Am, Abba Father. I will soon teach you how satan uses hundreds of different names and guises to con the gullible and selfish.

4:8. It has been said that a prophet is not welcome in his own country. Perhaps God will let You decide. Whatever will be, will be by the will of God the Father. Resistance to God is futile.

4:9. I have a message for you. The circus is on its way. I did not want this but it is part of the fight. The circus (SAHT) is all about satan's media to destroy Christianity. The Battle belongs to God. Satan aka Pinocchio (the father of all lies) knows he cannot tempt me. There is Nothing mankind can offer me. There is nothing I need except God. I am His suffering servant (for now).

4:10. More on 119. In the flesh I am phenomenally associated to the number 119. We needed a car and my wife asked God to help. Within 4 hours we had acquired a small car with a 1199cc engine and the Reg Plate looks like Saviour's Family (smile). Last week, we picked up God's Grand- daughter (Scott's baby girl) from the baby sitter who's surname is Mrs KeirXXX (Ki=119). The mother has just been given a bigger house in Ki (=119). Our Son Scott has a verse from Psalm 119 on his memorial stone with an unplanned? number 119 on their (buried beside our family friend) back to back gravestone.

It is important that you know our Scott (up above) will be 33 years old on the 119th day of 2014.

Our Scott is in good Hands and I keep asking Father if we can have him back. The last 4 digits of our Scott's valid Bank Of Scotland debit card are 1911. Around 2010, SAHT had given our Scott a council flat at 133 (33) Kirkton (ki=119) Ave in Knightswood (ki=119), Glasgow. Sick SAHT manipulated it as a satanic curse but Abba Father had planned above this, as always.

Last year (2012) my wife had unknowingly bought me a Virgin simcard with numbers 911 (together) in it. I used it to help victims of criminal freemasonry. I had to stop using it because the deranged masons kept phoning (as a pretend-victim) or sending "mind-game" texts, etc.

My wife recently bought me a Tesco Nokia (ki) mobile phone and I asked God for a 119/911 number. Two weeks ago, I looked at the numbers in the aisle to find a 119 (knowing I was on cctv) I didn't find one. Last Fri 20th Sept, we were in Tescos again. I told my wife that a simcard with my number is over by the checkout. She went away shopping as I went over to look at the numbers. I looked at about 10 cards and the very last simcard had the number 1911 in it, thank you Dad. I previously told you that "119 is all mine" to the glory of God the Father.

On Wed afternoon 11/9/13 (119) I felt driven to spray paint "PSALM 119" on the back of my high visibility jacket. I wore this jacket down through the village (knowing I was on SAHT cctv). On this same date I was compelled to put a Lamp on our rear bedroom window sill. I have left it on every night since the 11th Sept. Search all the different meanings online for "Your word is a Lamp for my feet and a Light for my Path" (Psalm 119). This is all about God's plan for you.

I previously told you we bought a Suzuki on 9/9/09 (still have it in our back garden). It was a strange day and the seller said his advert was not out till next week. I now understand the message that three divine 9's will always be above three evil 6's. Did you spot the Ki in Suzuki? I used to own three Suzuki motorcycles and the big Suzuki letter "S" on the front of the car means Saviour (smile). I even used to have the same big letter "S" on a crash helmet (photo). Our Father has always looked after me, He has a plan for His Children.

Welcome to "The True Church of Jesus Christ" (part 4) Fri 27/9/13. If you want Truth, then read parts 1-3. God does not tell lies. Now do your bit and pass this news to your Church, to the righteous and to those you care about.

Love, Peace and FR33DOM..... Joseph Christie aka Jesus (as promised).

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