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Latest news from Jesus (JC2)

The True Church of Jesus Christ (part two)

16th April 2013

2:1 Psalm 119 (God Yahweh's Word/Law). This is all about God's design and plan. I will teach that God always keeps His promise to you. This is all about Joseph Christie (me as a human) and the anti-Christ (slithering satan). This is all about lucifer being invoked by the wealthy satanic pedophile and gay army. In part one, I have told you about how Satan and his Tempted (SAHT) have reversed everything from the Beautiful Bible. 

2:2 You already know that the great deceiver satan wants to try to exalt himself (above what the Elephant left behind). Satan (aka lucifer) has been working hard to con his believers that Psalm 119 is actually satan's word/law (and Shrek says "Hey Donkey"). SAHT revere the numbers 11, 13, 27, 33, 39, 111, 119. Search the satanic manipulated BBC tv and Hollywood movies and see how they use these numbers). SAHT also use these numbers to persecute the innocent, and unsuspecting people who are not members (see headless chickens below). The satanic elite thrive on your trust and ignorance. Do not fret, for true believers know that God the Father has a plan.

2:3 Study the numbers 119/911/191. It is important that you understand how SAHT use letters and numbers. It is not just the name or word that's important, they MUST get the letter-number-code in. Start with the letters Ki =11/9=119 or ik = 9/11. Research the home of satan and his masonic soldiers at the Kilwinning (Ki = 119) Mother Lodge at Ayrshire (Ayr = Air = prince of the) in Scotland. Go to LJPR.INFO and search Kilwinning. Also search for "Occultic Dr Who" and his stupid K9 dog (11/9). The masonic lucifer-lovers will own or have previously owned a Porsche 911. Yes, the twin towers was a satanic sacrifice on 911. I previously told you all emergency services are satanic, call 911. The Space Program in 2011 was 191 billion. The Queen's budget was £119 million. Research online "Prince of the Air" (satan). 

2:4 Last year in Glasgow, we went to see our son's body in the city morgue (murdered by SAHT) and when we came out, there was a Breakdown truck parked outside with a large bright painted "911" on it. The same company has a phone number ending in 1919 (119). This is how SAHT work, it's a masonic signature and they love to tell you they done it. The truck drove of as we got into our car. Much more later.

2:5 Don't forget SAHT will invert the 9 to 6 so that 611/116/161 still means "119" to them. It is common knowledge online that the satanic freemasons use the King (Ki = 119) James Bible (the 1611 version). There is a recent Business phone number change in Glasgow and they are all 0141 611 0000. Why would SAHT choose 611? (answer = 911). This is the same satanic manipulation of "Emergency, Call 911". Look through your local newspaper adverts or latest phone book for more information. Search online for "The  Christ Messenger" (in 24 parts) by Joseph Stirling Christie, or ask me for a CD copy.

2:6 Now take on board the letters SK = 19/11=119. The freemasons wear SKipcaps (Basball caps) to recognise each other and show their affection/loyalty of lucifer. The evil mason Greg Lance Watkins (ki) and his website SK-H119 tried hard to destroy the "Hollie Greig" masonic terrorism, rape and murder story. If you want to know how sick the satanic masons are, then you must read the true story about Hollie Greig and Robert Green. More 119 later. 

2:7 I was born on 27/2/1955 (see number 27) at 27 Waddell Street in the Rutherglen (RU/39) District of Glasgow. One year later 1956 (19/11) moved to Castlemilk (letters ik = 9/11) in Glasgow. In 1959 my father dies of pneumonia. Years later, my mother remarried and I became Joseph Christie. In May 1965 (19/11) we moved to 6 Hopehill (Hope) Road in Maryhill (Joseph and Mary) Glasgow. In 1971 when I was a 16 year old, I had a extremely evil experience on an Ouija Board. I was told that my partner-wife to be was a young woman called Kim (Ki = 11/9). Four years after the Ouija session (Autumn 1975), I moved to our John's flat at 332 The Broadway, West Hendon, London. On Christmas day 1975, a friend brought Kim to a party at John's flat. We are still together in our 38th year. Remember the 33 in 332 and that our John's landlord was an Italian. Remain focused, this true story-journey is all about Bible Prophesy.

2:8 Before I left Glasgow for London, SAHT tried very, very hard to pair me off with girlfriends Ms F. MaGrail (Grail) and then a Ms Marie Maginty (Mari Magdalen). Both turned out to be mind-controlled Eastern Star Masons (ESMs). None of us knew about YHWH's plan.  

2:9 On reflection about the 1971 Ouija session. I was laughing and sarcastic and paid a satanic test/curse for forty years. On Sunday the 1st May 2011, I did not know this was an important occultic-satanic-beltane date. I was compelled to walk into a local church to worship and pray.

2:10 Parable of the Headless Chicken. Our species is inherently selfish and we fully intend to help satan destroy God's creation. The only purpose of the Satanic Secret Societies is to protect and preserve the criminal elite families. They give you the crumbs off their table and you are happy with that. You will even have another person persecuted as long as you get what YOU want. 

The Headless Chicken is YOU. The Chicken's body will run about banging into things until it is dead. It cannot think because it does not have a head, yet you fully understand what I tell you. The evidence and social engineering by the satanic elite is all over the Internet ( Headless Chickens are born tax-generators to the satanic elite. The corrupt Government, Police and Military all belong to SAHT and the Headless Chickens pay their wages. Remember Dumb and Dumber?. I can tell you God the Father is not interested in seekers of self preservation. Some Headless Chickens will continue to be, they can be found in positions of power (masons).

2:11 The Key to everything is Jesus Christ, seek Him, worship Him, pray with Him, let Him into your life and He will introduce you to God the Father. There is no other way, period. God knows your every thought and action, do nothing and you will receive nothing. 

2:12 SAHT own everything you see and hear and you believe them without question. The old news reporter rang his bell shouting "Hear ye - Hear ye" and tells you what the criminal elite want you to believe and repeat. Nothing has changed. Do not waste your time praying for perceived good people on satan's media. Pick up a copy of God's media, the Beautiful Bible. Your whole life story is in there, God is waiting. Your next decision will tell YOU if you want God or satan.

2:13 Here are your options..... SAHT are working flat out to block the precious gift from God and that is YOUR spirituality. God is sifting the wheat from the chaff, eternal life can be yours. This is your Last Chance to repent before the Fall (of satan). Brothers and sisters in Christ and those of Righteousness, stand firm during the tribulation, fear nothing and know that I Am here with you.

2:14 Around 1988 I was hired to look after the musical instruments on stage at the Dominion Theatre in Tottenham Court Road, London. This was a prince Charles charity gig. I shook hands with the Beatles producer George Martin, the whole thing was surreal. I was chatting with Phil Collins (of the band Genesis) and Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin) we had a beer. A fellow Scot Midge Ure was there. Also Ian Anderson (of Jethro Tull) and pop icon Kate Bush who said she loved my Scottish accent. Kate Bush recently received a royal trinket..... 

The penny did not drop for me at that time. These people had all sold their souls, this was Masonic Theatre, they knew I was special but I did not..... (I do now). Never worship idols. How do you explain that you are living a super-natural life?, how do you prove it?. Ye shall have the sign in Father's time. I know that God the Father was in control and that SAHT thought they were..... 

Here is the divine message. Phil Collins was the book of Genesis. Moses was born in UR (Midge Ure). Moses and Jethro. The Burning Bush (Kate). Me and Robert Plant both knew and spoke about my pretend - friend - FM perp Tony Dangerfield. Robert Plant later wrote a song about satan's reversal of Psalm 29. This was all part of God's plan, it was all to teach me to teach you. I know God Yahweh is in control (not the criminal elite or con-man satan), there is nothing I want other than to serve God the Father. Warning, SAHT are constantly trying to steal your soul, they will tempt you every day in every way. I am living proof that God is on His Throne. I know who I Am and I know I will soon have Dominion to the glory of God the Father.

2:15 I took the leftover bread from Sunday's communion and I fed the fish with it. I prayed for you and yours wherever you are. Love,peace and FR33DOM..... Joseph Christie.

Go back to part one of The True Church of Jesus Christ and read about Lu = lucifer. Now research online "Occultic Lucis Trust" ditto "George Lucas". Did you know St George's Day is on the 23rd April and that he is the patron saint of criminal freemasonry. Help others by passing this on.

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