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Latest news from Jesus (JC3)

Jesus/Joseph "V" Satan/Lucifer

3:1. Here is another huge secret that SAHT do not want you to know..... Lucifer is "V" (fact).
The V is for Venus and Venus is Lucifer. You can research this truth all over the Internet.
I told you about the big letter V on military vehicles, it hypnotises (cons) the gullible. The letter V (lucifer) is all about death. The letter V is the 22nd letter of the English alphabet. We still don't know if our Son was murdered at the river or in his flat, he lived at number 22. Understand that the masons are expert at sacrifice, skits, and theatre, it's satan's police and it's satan's media. Do not be afraid, all righteous people have God Yahweh on their side. 

3:2. This is a war between "Jesus the Second" and "Satan the Turd" (all humour & derogatory is intentional). It is being fought right here in Satan's chosen land (Scotland-Saton). Never forget that Satan and his Tempted (SAHT) always play with words (used as code and to twist and confuse). It is important that your remember that Satan is also called Lucifer by SAHT (aka freemasons). I told you that Satan is known as "Prince of the Air" (hot air = flatulence). Satan/lucifer a is real 100% coward, he uses weak selfish humans to do his dirty work. Dear satan, as a human, I will seek (Hound of Heaven) you and I will destroy you and yours. I still have a vice-like grip, ye are mine in God's time.

3:3. The Mormon-Masons teach that Jesus and satan were brothers. This Cult also teach that satan was really wronged by Jesus. Is this why the Mormon-Masons dehumanise and teach their people to gang-stalk and psychologically terrorise chosen targets (fact). The Mormon-Masons and Jehovah-Masons totally brain-washed most of Scotland from the 1950's and still at it today. They stole the minds of my 7 brothers and sister and turned them all into mind-controlled performing puppets. The sad thing is that they are forced to get their children to join. Research online how both Cults were started by the Freemasons (whose god is lucifer). These scamsters, the Mormons and Jehovahs have their own altered versions of the Bible. I do not hate them, only their ignorance. Any debate can all be done live on camera, not behind closed doors. 

3:4. Please don't be too harsh on low level (conned) members. The Etonian Elite are the most educated, crafty, sick, selfish, satanic, slimy things ever to walk this "Green and pleasant Land" (change to "Dark and Satanic Land"). Go to Wikipedia and "Paradise Lost". Yes, read how the Criminal Elite fully intend to use the Blake and Milton poems and turn prince will-i-am into a fabricated Jesus. Do you think it was coincidence that my Son (murdered by SAHT) was born on the 29th April and the manipulated prince was married on the same date?. The 29th April is the 119th day of the year. I told you SAHT are trying to reverse Psalm 119 into satan's word/law. The 29th April is also 29/4 = 33. Jesus loves YOU, this I know. The EG for "The True Church of Jesus Christ" = 330 = 33 (smile). Turn off satan's noise and find the real you, find the One and only true Jesus.

3:5. Parable of the Bride of Christ. 
In 1970/71, I shared a flat in the old tenement at 26 Kirkland St, Maryhill, Glasgow. Kirk (Ki=119) means Church. I have a real brother whose lifetime nickname is JC (J Christie). He moved to Kirkland St with his first wife. There was a family called Brydon in Kirkland St, my older sister married a Mr Brydon. They had 5 kids, so that name is a big part of my life. Two of them came to the Church for our Son's funeral service. My brother JC separated from his first wife and moved away from Kirkland St. About 25 years ago he re-married and returned to live in Kirkland Street, JC still lives there today (2013). There is much more. I was just a teenager back in 1971 and although my life was super-natural, I still did not know about our God Yahweh (praise be).

The message is that God the Father still has JC (Jesus) in the Kirk (Bryd/Bride of Christ). So now you see how God Yahweh designs everything. Never forget the letters Ki = 119 (Psalm 119 = God's Word/Law). SAHT will again try to change God's plan as soon as they read this (resistance to God Yahweh is futile). SAHT will not accept that Lucy has no power, only boyfriends.  

3:6. You have been conned by satan if you only see with "Hollywood Eyes" i,e. tall, good looking, flash car/house/image, designer this n' that, Botox and useless jewellery. Read in the Beautiful Bible where God Yahweh is not interested in what you look like. God is only interested in the contents of your Heart.

3:7. SAHT (masons) think they know my thoughts but are 93 million miles away. SAHT constantly bug me with their childish psychological games but I enjoy making the controllers work harder. You seriously don't think I will depend on human justice, do you?. It just helps me to pass the time until the Hour. Woe to the main controllers (masonic puppet masters) for doing the work of satan. They do not have a hope in Gehenna for they refuse to repent. Jesus is here in the flesh, everything is meant to be. Tick tock tick....

3:8. Am I special? try finding our home address on Google's Street View (G62 7PQ number 93). You will notice it's all even numbers although I live on the odd number side. The numbers stop at around 70, so the top part of our road doesn't exist. Check it out quickly, SAHT will change it when they read this. They done the same when I wrote about the name-change of Hopehill Road.

3:9. I sing this song regularly "119 is all mine, all mine..... 119 is all mine". It is sang to the tune of "Fog on the Tyne". Psalm 119 is not just mine, Psalm 119 is God's gift to us all, read it, sing it (and smile for Jesus wins). Wherefore art thou Lucy? in bed again with elton johnnie? (sick).

3:10. Scotland is the world's HQ of criminal-satanic freemasonry. The glue that holds the masons together is its Police Force (fact). YOU pay the wages. Yes, there are some good cops but even they have to toe the line or the criminal masons will turn on them. Read Martin Short's book (Free online) called "The Brotherhood. You can also get a free online PDF book of William Gage's book "Win Win". He doesn't mention the word masons, but you will quickly join the dots yourself. W. Gage was going to release another book on the Freemasons, but it didn't happen?. If you are local, you can borrow one of my copies. Alternatively, go to the brilliant LJPR.INFO and click on their Latest News or search through their huge Archives. They use swearwords because they are passionate about the TRUTH. 

3:11.Trick or Treat. You can find SAHT living in small towns like Killearn (Ki=119). Their stolen Ki = 119 is very symbolic/hypnotic to them. It has over 90 millionaires and most want more, more, more of what satan has to offer. Most (not all) live there because SAHT feel safe in their pretend masonic brother and eastern star sisterhood (100% undiluted evil). They hypnotise each other with their false 119/lucifer/god beliefs. 

How did God the Father show me this?. About 6 years ago, I done some honest plumbing and drainage work for the Black Bull Hotel in Killearn. A good job done but they refused to pay. It was a masonic set up from the start. I took them to the small claims court and won my case. They still refused to pay. I also saw the tail end of their occultic Halloween and other parties? in that Hotel. I have had other Masonic Theatre set-up jobs in Killearn. SAHT also love the wealthy symbolic North Berwick (ik = 911). More later. I am not into hatred or revenge. I am compelled to teach what God the Father shows me.

3:12. This spiritual war is not in Megiddo, it's being fought right here in masonic infested Milngavie. You know about Satan as a wolf disguised as a sheep. In 1999, our family done a house exchange to 93 Ashburn Rd with a Mrs Woolfe and we found a large Sickle in the loft (grim reaper or Harvest?). I know that SAHT manipulated it as a curse but God the Father had other plans. Do you think it's by chance that God put me here at 93 Ashburn Road (93 + AS=1/19 + UR=39). This is all designed by God Yahweh and all part of "God's Divine Plan". Whatever happens next is meant to happen. I think nothing of unbelievers, why talk to a dead tree?.

3:13.Without me, ye are nothing and lost in satan's field. I can give, but will ye take?. Mark 8:36..... What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul.

3:14. Know your enemy. The Satanic Triune false god = Satan, his consort Asherah (various spellings) and the Wind of Moriah (The illuminati call themselves wind of moriah).

3:15. In my favourite Church, I became friends with an older sister in Christ. She has a Ki (= 119) in her name. The EG for her name is 144 (smile). This beautiful person has many disabilities and bound to her chair. Her bullet-proof Faith in Jesus is an example for all to see. She is surrounded by loving, caring Christian brothers and sisters. She has had a profound effect on me. and given me the strength to trust humans again. 

Welcome to "The True Church of Jesus Christ" (part 3 of 3) on Sat 11th May 2013. 

Know your enemy, search online for Sandra Barr False Flag, 4th August 2012, London Olympics. SAHT murdered the brilliant young researcher Rik Clay. For more hidden satanic-elite knowledge search online for "The RR" or later articles "The RR9". I do not agree with all of RR's articles but most of it is a real eye opener. To the Christian Soldiers, the next DVD is ready. To the righteous, I will never lead you astray. Love, peace and FR33DOM.....  Joseph Christie

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