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Free info on the Mason's codes/numbers

have a free gift for you. So you want to crack the Mason's codes? It's simple, everything is numbers relating to the alphabets. It's called Gematria. I told you I have taken 55 years of persecution from the Satanic Masons who know who I am. I will teach you, which is why I'm here. This is not about me. Remember, the Occult have reversed everything in the Bible. They do the same with numbers. Google "The Bible Wheel" and start your investigative journey to the truth and your future. Then fight (legally) to open their closed doors.

No 9..... I have 10 divine number nines on my Date of Birth, which is 27/27/27 + a 9th month. Also 27 X 3 = 81 (9 X 9). The masons invert 9 to 6 and use it as a curse. Multiples of 6 enhances the curse, 666 etc (to a mason).

No11..... this is the occult number of death and destruction. 9/11 twin towers 9+1+1 =11. Look through your phone book (esp. old ones), why are all the police station numbers 1113 =11/13. These are the two most evil numbers in Freemasonry and you know they are trained to protect the criminal elite. Not all Police are criminal masons.

No 13..... The number of apostasy. Another trick the masons use is the letter "B", pull the stem to the side and you have 13. Update to CM part 9, Moses Field is surrounded by the names starting with "B". I have taken many hits from masons living at No26 (= 13X2), not by chance. See No 31. These low-level masonic puppets have no idea of the bigger picture of why the top occultists (criminal elite) want me dead. Just like the brilliant David Icke, I do not fear these criminal elite masonic puppets who are sworn to protect each other in crime, incest and pedophilia. Repeat, do not be controlled by fear and whatever you do, do not sell your soul to con-man satan. If you have, take it back and God will forgive and protect you.

No 19..... another masonic curse number, see previous CM parts 1-9. I've had masonic pretend friends live at these house numbers and not by chance. They use multiples of No 19 and gives it more power. I told you I've had dozens of masonic pretend friends with the name Chris = 57 which is 19 X 3. I have already told you they tried to kill me with glass poisoning by a certain A.S. = 1/19 who lives at No 119 and his telephone landline adds up to 19/119. Same guy got a royal gong from the Queen of Crooks, just before my attempted demise/miracle. I cannot judge these people, but I know who will. I can prove that God's Karma is real for I know lots of people who have suffered years before and after they decided to do Satan's evil on me. I do not have to do a thing except to await guidance and teach God's Law. The Sabbath day is a Saturday = 109 = 19, this is one reason the masons hate number 19 and have reversed it into a curse/code. They changed it to Sunday. But the main reason they have reversed No 19 is because the number 2368 is the number of Jesus Christ and 2368 adds up to "19".....

No 27..... I have three 27's on my DOB. This is a power number and also used by masons. They see 27 as 3X9 = 999 and invert it to become 666. Look at the telephone numbers of Power Stations/Companies, e,g, Scottish Power emergency number 0845 27 27 999 or Hydro Electric 0800 300 999, etc. Remove your blinkers. But 27 also means pure/clean in The Bible Wheel. My DOB is 27/2 = 29 and Psalm 29 is Sons of God (voice of the Lord).

No 28..... This is the number of "The Feast of the Beast" by Fritz Springmeier, Google it. It's held every 28 years and due this year 2010. I am curious as to what might happen today, the 20th August = 28. The masons normally just add the month and date like 9/11 = 11, they only use the year sometimes if it suits them. Don't worry, 20/8/2010 = 31, is God's number. There are more possible dates that add up to 28, like 19/9 - 18/10 - 17/11 - 16/12. Same every year.

No 31..... God's number. I was born 27/2/1955 = 2+7+2+1+9+5+5 = 31. I lived for nine years at No 31 and a No 31 bus route took you there. Incidentally, our neighbours above were the Brown family and one masonic Mr F Brown has persecuted/followed me since I was a child. The family below us were called "Mr & Mrs Devlin". I was never supposed to work it all out, but God had other plans. The Satanic Masons will reverse No 31 to No 13, the number of Apostasy (anti-Christ). Google "The Great Seal of U.S." and learn about masonic/occultic numerology.

No 33..... infamous number 33 (33 degrees of Freemasonry) and also the age of Jesus when he was murdered by the criminal elite. Incidentally, my wife's first name equals 33.

No 39..... is a serious curse by the masons, it's 13 X 3 = 39. It is also reversed to 93. I have been plagued by this number, easily provable. My parents married on 27/9/1947 = 39. The next occultic 39 dates are 31/8 - 30/9 - 29/10 - 28/11 - 27/12.

No 73..... Joseph = 73, Google "God's Number of Creation - 137 and 7" and read/educate yourself.

My full name is Joseph Stirling Christie = 272. I was born 27/2. The Earth dried on 27th of the second month, (Flood)

I have three SSS's in my name. Google "Number in Scripture by E.W. Bullinger"

No 93..... You know I live at No 93. The masons think they have got me where they want me. In actual fact, God choose this so that he could reverse all curses on Satan. Number 93 in The Bible Wheel is "The Power of my Lord" and lots more positive meanings. Number 93 is also three times God's number 31. Also "The Word" = 93.....

No 119..... (see previous CM posts) is a masonic curse/code and it relates to Psalm 119 and God's Law and The Word of God, which is why they hate/reverse No 119. I am heavily persecuted by masons using 119 in words/number codes, checkout the number 19 above to see what I mean.

No 195..... This number is 15 X 13 = 195 and also 39 X 5 = 195. Both strong masonic curses and easily checkable when you do your research. Also connected to 19.5 degrees.

No 19.5 degrees. This is the closet the occultic masons can get to 19.47 degrees. My parents married in 1947, same year the aliens crashed, (smile). Checkout 19.5 and google "You'll never think the same way again... The Revelation". I have suffered by masons badly on this number 195. They craftily use 9.15 on appointments, etc. I couldn't make this up when I have hundreds of documents to prove it. Plus 3.15 = 33 both clock hands on the 3.

The Masons (aka Brotherhood) use codes on every letter that comes through our letterbox. I have kept hundreds all with the first 3 numbers is 605. This adds to the cursed number 11 and this is how all the energy companies, NHS, inland revenue, DLVC, Jobseekers, Council, Government, etc, etc, all know that I should be hassled by them. I have hundreds of recorded phone calls of their deliberate harassment. This code is not just about me, they give a code to every person in the UK. They even have codes to recognise their own pretend brothers and sisters who may need "ASSISTANCE" (masonic codeword). You have no idea about the Royal Criminal Establishment of Freemasonry.

Now for some words used in their codes. Satan=55, Burn=55, illuminati (see the 11), the twin towers stood up as the number 11. We don't have the time to give you more, google "occultic numbers" and "Meaning of Numbers in Bible" Don't waste time on the trivial, concentrate on "THEM". If you do nothing today, the criminal elite win.

Another example of how the criminal occultic elite work. The Occultic/Masonic bombing of Pan Am 103 on 21/12 1988.....Flight 103 = 13 ( the zero's don't count and are used as spaces). 1988, masons love multiples of 11, so 88 is 11X 8 and 270 = 27 people killed. Also 21/12 = 33, you all know about No 33 = 11 X 3. It's all planned. Good tip for researchers is to write down these numbers and their multiples and you will easily see how this human virus works. Plus follow the web-links supplied. Demand a public register of Freemasons, this is their Achilles.

Second Family (UK) can prove the world-wide Masonic immigration trick. They are not allowed in unless they swear allegiance to the Masonic (and affiliated) Brotherhood (aka Queen of Crooks and Corrupt Country), it's that simple. We can trace this back at least 70 years in the UK. It is all designed to protect "THEM".

The Christ Messenger part 10 is released today 20/8/2010 = 31. From today, all Occultic/Masonic evil numbers are reversed by God onto those who practice them. Judgement is almost here, make your decision. Tick, tock, tick.....

Checkout my previous expose - posts on "The Christ Messenger" parts 1 - 9. All you have to know is that God is very real. If you believe in God, ask God who I am or do your research and try to prove me as false. I only want to teach and have no desire for fame, wealth or control. Fear nothing if you believe, God already know's who you are. None- believers have a choice to make. Satan takes and God gives everything for free and forgives sinners. I am living proof and my story will change the world. This has to be done transparently. Not much time left for the selfish.

Here is another free gift for you this will help you focus and you will read that there will be no healing miracles this time round. You've had two thousand years to get it right. Read between the lines about you and yours. Finally, the cost of the London Olympics is "9.3 billion"..... Wake up you fools.

Love, peace and FR33DOM to all, you know who I am.

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