Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Christ Messenger (18th April 2010)

The Satanic Occult know who I am. They have been persecuting me for 55 years. They do this mainly through Freemasonry. I have seven brothers and a sister all taken by Masons, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and the Orange Order. I have been persecuted, harmed, poisoned and attempted murder by my own possessed family. All I did was trust them. I do not hate them. These secret society groups are not separate entities, they are all Masons and use the exact same system. I will prove to you that they know that "I am" the one chosen to fight Satan. I will also prove that the Satanic Occult know the outcome, they lose. The only part I am not sure about is whether I remain in this body suit or not. I am not afraid and I now believe strongly in my destiny.

I will also prove to you that Jesus Christ is alive and well. Nobody dies but you will be judged. You will learn that life is infinite. I have been wounded many times by Satan himself and by using his Army of mind controlled Masons. Pity the Masons and affiliated groups for they know not what they do, their minds have been stolen and go through life with fake sincerity to survive.

For the skeptics, I am not delusional, paranoid or suffer mental health. If you know any psychiatrists who need help, I'm your man (humour intended). I can handle ridicule after the bombardment of evil that I am going through. We all are, switch off the noise and tune in. Or research everything for your own future.

I get intense synchronicity (meaningful coincidence) every day. I am highly intuitive. I receive connection and guidance day and night. I have been fighting evil, corruption and witchcraft (majority of Masons are seriously into witchcraft) for most of my life but especially the last six years. It was about 6 years ago that I totally changed as a person. I keep getting intuitive messages and had to endure pure evil to teach me to teach you. I never considered myself to be religious and I used to fight it, but it all got too strong until I could no longer ignore it. My whole life has been one of miracles and protection. I was fighting corruption when I was a teenager but for some reason I was switched off. Google Joe Stirling, or Second Family (UK) or Ban Freekmasons. Go there with an open mind, it is not about hatred or revenge. You will learn that I tried to be diplomatic but evil defends evil. So I just keep rolling truth snowballs, you should do the same. I keep telling you this is not about me, (we are one) I am just your chosen messenger in this field.

Here are my divine synchronicities, My father was John Joseph Stirling (died in 1959 when I was 4 years old) Sounds ordinary until you later learn that I have been persecuted heavily by people named John (including my own brother) and Occultic references to St. John, as you will read. My mother was Elizabeth, she remarried James Christie and I went to school as Joe Christie. My first personal meeting with Satan was on a Ouija board. It was a nasty, evil experience and nobody should go anywhere near one. This bad session affected me for decades. I was given the name of my wife to be (Kim). This was 3 years approx. before I met her. We met on Christmas day 1975 and still together today with 2 sons. My first son has unpredictable Aspergers Syndrome (Autism) which I know is a curse by Satan. We are treading on eggshells 24/7. My mother in law has a name with connotations to a prostitute. She has a sister called Mary (reference to Magdalene?) I have been plagued my whole life with the name Mary, far too much to be coincidental. I know that my mother in law has been persecuted (she is unaware) for her part in giving birth to my future wife.

In May 1965 our family moved to 6 Hopehill Road in the Maryhill district of Glasgow. You have no idea how much the name "Mary" means to Pagan Freemasonry (Fact, they hate Mary Magdalene and Jesus). The Masons are obsessed with the Phoenix Bird (rebirth) and have always been letting me know this. They even painted a large Phoenix mural on the side of a Tabernacle/Sunday School building (1973 approx.) on Maryhill Road. This was about 200 meters from our old house (now demolished). The strange thing was that they painted it next to a high building so nobody would see it until they demolished the obstruction a few years later ? You can still see the Phoenix today next to Hopehill Road/Maryhill Road. Google street-view Glasgow G20 area

Jaguar Cats symbols..... I have been heavily persecuted by Masons (and affiliated groups) driving their Jaguar cars and other situations. I can't elaborate as it will jeopardise my evidence. The Jaguar is very symbolic to Pagan Freemasonry. They love all cats. Google "Jabulon" their 3 headed God, one being a cat. Incidentally, where I used to live in Hopehill Road, they have built a Jaguar Car dealership. it's still there today. Google street-view G20. (next to the Phoenix painting)

Numbers 19 and 19.5..... Most of you will not understand what these mean. I am trying to tell you that the Occult know exactly who I am. Their low-level mind controlled drones only follow orders. You should research the numbers 19 or 19.5 degrees. They are crazy about these numbers. It will take you on a journey and I don't want to repeat what I've already put online. Masons will invert, reverse and use multiples of their symbolic numbers. Take note of number 19 as they will also use 61, 91 & 16, they all mean 19 to a Mason and it's the closest they can get to 19.5. Multiply 19.5 X 2 = 39 (another very Masonic symbolic number). Reverse 39 and you have 93 (93 million miles to their Sun God Ra or Horus, etc). I live at no 93, strange eh ? it was a council house exchange all manipulated by the Occult and has become my prison. My bank account is 000???00 adds up to 19, think about this, it's one of the biggest banks in the UK and I joined them several years ago. They had millions of customers before me. The PIN code they gave me is also 19. The No 61 bus route takes you to Maryhill. Two bus routes stop at my back door, No's 119 and 109. In 1986 a Masonic run Housing Association gave us a flat at No 19 in St. Johns Wood in London. Here in Glasgow I took out a fixed price with my energy company of £100 per month, they changed it to £119.50. I phoned them to complain about my fixed price and they changed it to £106.50, (invert the 6) I agreed without thinking. It's still the Masons manipulating 19.5. I have all the letters. I changed our home phone number and they gave me another 19. You should also checkout the number 11 as in the 9/11 attack (it's still 119) Our local Kwik-Fit garage in Milngavie, Glasgow has 2 large canvas signs (20 mtrs apart) with their phone number 0141 956 1911 (also 956 = 9/11) My real brother who has a gong from the Queen for teaching army cadets to die for the criminal elite pedophiles lives at number 119. After years of esoteric research, I know these numbers/dates are very important to the Occult and you will find No 19 in the Bible and the Quran. They are all telling me my number is 19. It's OK, I know who I am and what I have to do.

I am out walking our dog beside the mysterious Craigallian House (Scotland's Bohemian Grove?). This place has a Glasgow postcode (and three different locations) although its in Stirlingshire. It's located on The West Highland Way, a 100 mile path/hike to Fort William (where all the Masons climb hills to find the Light, they should just take a torch haha) Craigallian means "Beautiful Rock" and the Masons love anything stone/rock. I talk to a stranger who was by the river sorting/drying his hill walking gear? I continued on to Loch Craigallian and returned 20 minutes later to where this guy was. Just before I got to him, there was a bright purple/blue dove flew up into the forest from his direction. I then spoke to this guy and asked if he had seen it and he said yes. I told him that the crows would kill it because of its bright colour. He was on his mobile as he said he was waiting for some friends. Then after about 5 minutes of small talk, approximately 10 people turned up. None of them were in hiking gear. I was spooked (due to my constant life of persecution) so I decided to walk on and say good bye. I get shadowed (comprehensive evidence) wherever I go. There is more to this story that will back up that it happened. Surely angels don't use mobile phones? but I agree, this was a strange incident.

When I was a teenager, my older friend? had a flat in Arlington Street, in the west end of Glasgow. I stayed there a few times. I have only recently found out his whole family are Masons and my constant perps. Anyway, at the bottom of Arlington Street there was a private/fraternal mens club with a swimming pool in it. Myself and two friends were talking to the maintenance guy who decided to let us have a quick dip. It was a strange pool with lots of circles, triangles, squares and other symbols hanging from the ceiling. You could reach up and grab these while in the pool. I knew nothing about secret societies or symbolism in those days. I have done some research on Arlington in the USA and the Masonic/Occultic connections are intense. Fact, these Masons plan way ahead in advance. It gives their members a sense of empowerment. All part of the "Jah Bul Con". Taken from the Masonic secret word Jah-Bul-On (their 3 headed God). Even top Mason Albert Pike states "It's not that the Mason understands, it's as long as he think he does". So there you have it, a tool and a fool of a Mason. Google ex-top Mason Bill Schnobelen.

Fact, Scotland is the spiritual home of the criminal network of Zionist Freemasonry. The Pagan Masons are totally possessed by mythical beliefs, especially in Moray and Aberdeenshire in the North East of Scotland. The Scottish flag of St. Andrews Cross is a masonic symbol and a good way to spot Masons. Edinburgh is thought of as the new Jerusalem. You will start to understand why the Scottish Zionist Government supported Mr Trumpet's golf course, etc. If you want to research more on this sophisticated "Pyramid" scam then buy (or read online) the Andrew T Hennessey book called "Els, Atlantis, Scotland and Egypt" or go to Andrews website. He does special tours of Edinburgh. Warning, be careful when studying esoteric knowledge. You can easily hypnotise yourself. That's why the Masons get their initiates to study it, their version of course. Checkout Henry Makow or Jeff Rense or LJPR dot INFO

Psychology is the number one weapon of Freemasonry. They will use everything about you or everything you write or say on the phone against you. They constantly sow lies/seeds into peoples heads everyday (it's called Gaslighting), even by our controlled Media. You have no idea of how deliberately deranged Freemasonry is. The Zionist criminal elite call their low level members "useful idiots" and the intelligent ones are called "clever idiots". They do NOT care about anyone so long as they reach their NWO agenda. You have to learn the difference between synchronicity and what is manipulated by them. Genuine synchronicity is a gift from God. My advice is stick to logic if you don't have strong intuition. Fact, everything a criminal Mason does is "Trick or Treat". The treat is to their brotherhood and everything else is a trick to non-brotherhood. This will always be, until more good people awaken. Question everything and challenge closed doors. Good Masons? are welcome to comment or contact but none so far in the last six years. Freemasonry thrives on the abuse of your trust.

Two years ago, I used to have a small caravan in my back garden to meet with victims of the Pagan-Masons. This strange pretend victim who called himself Finn Hagan came all the way from Taunton in Somerset to tell me I was not the chosen one? I had never implied that I was. Anyway he said his real name was Paul Anderson. I asked to see any ID and he didn't have any? He drove all the way from Taunton in an old classic triumph spitfire without ID or bankcards? Part of the number plate was DOB (date of birth). So here we have a deranged pagan mason who travels the UK to psychologically mess with victim's heads. This guy also writes articles for the UK Column???

Small, interesting divine story/ballet, Google "Miracle in the Gorbals" I was born in this location at 27 Waddell Street, Gorbals, Glasgow. You should also checkout the lyrics to Sandy Denny's song "The Sea", she had the voice of an angel.

I give you my word that every part of this is true and with solid back up. This is a tiny fraction of my (life by design) journey. Next part coming soon online or send a SSAE. You can contact me only if you are law abiding, incorruptible or are a genuine believer in Jesus. We have had lot's of problems with the Mason's in the Royal Mail, you can hand post your message or contact details through my door at 93 Ashburn Road, Milngavie, Glasgow G62 7PQ or email joe.stirling@ntlworld.com or secondfamilyuk@me.com or text/call us on 07799 612 227

Also if any of you have the courage to stop being controlled by the "Masons of OZ", just contact me. Like in the movie "Wizard of Oz, this is how the cowardly Mason's work, its the booming voice (psychology) behind the curtains. If you do nothing, they win. We are being controlled by Masonic criminal elite pedophiles, if you don't believe me, Google "Hollie Greig". Use exposure and the law to defeat them. If you want to know how to recognise a brotherhood member, Google "Satan's Army of Masons-codes and terminology". Only good can win, as bad destroys everything. I can help you to make revealing documentaries. . Do your bit to expose the worst human virus in mankind's history. Please forward this to people you care about and to every truth seeking website/forum everywhere.

Joseph Stirling Christie. Not interested in wealth or fame, just to help this beautiful planet and its contents. Everything is free from God except one bad apple called Satan. His Army of Masons infects everything it contacts. We have much work to do. (18th April 2010)